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Paris's new metro line will serve the north-west of the city

Paris’s new metro line adds 4 nouvelles stations1new stops, statations between la gare Saint-Lazare2the Saint-Lazare train station and la Mairie de Saint-Ouen3the city hall of Saint-Ouen.

Originally planned for 2017, la ville de Paris4the city of Paris and the RATP finally made things easier for people to get around the city and suburbs with the prolongement vers le nord de la ligne 145northern extension of the no. 14 metro line.

Paris s’élargit6Paris is getting bigger; Paris is growing

This next phase of the projet du Grand Paris will add much needed capacity to the north-west of the city and, according to Stéphane Troussel, the president of the Seine-Saint-Denis department, encourage du développement économique et urbain7economic and urban development.

Pour les passagers8for the passengers, it comes just in time. “La ligne 13 était complètement saturée”9The no. 13 line was totally saturated/full and the nouvelle ligne “sera dix fois plus pratique… et plus rapide vu que c’est une ligne automatique”10new line “will be ten times more practical … and faster since it is automated.

It will also be “plus facile d’inviter des amis qui seront plus à l’aise pour venir, la ligne 13 fait un peu peur.”11easier to invite friends who will feel more comfortable since the 13 was a little scary

Whatever the reason, que ce soit pour aller au travaille ou au centre-ville de Paris12whether it’s to go to work or the center of Paris, the public proclaims they are ravis de l’avoir13thrilled to have it.

Petit clin d’oeil14Just for fun; lit. A little wink
While it’s not the first … or even the second … time, last week the RATP had a little fun with voyagers, updating signs in the Bonne Nouvelle metro station to fêter la fin de 202015celebrate the end of 2020. The nouveaux panneux16new signs announced Bonne Nouvelle l’année 2020 est finie!17Good News the year 2020 is over! 

Pour approfondir votre vocabulaire

This week I’m introducing a new element to my post. From time to time I come across new words, interesting vocabulary, or other related tidbits that don’t make a whole post. I try and save these for a related topic, but sometimes I never quite find the right place … So I decided to make my own place to deeper your vocabulary.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get more confusing? I learned last week (doing a challenging dictée from the great video blog Parlez-vous FRENCH? that the word après-midi can be either masculine or feminine!

While L’Académie française leans towards the masculine18according to a number of articles at least; the only firm reference I could find from the Académie is this entry in their on-line dictionary (in their estimation the since le jour, le matin, et le soir are all masculine, so is le/un apres-midi … ) but as the related expressions of duration tend to be feminine (la journée, la matinée, la soirée are all feminine) you can also go in that direction.

Note, that as highlighted in this post, there is a subtle difference between the meaning of un après-midi (one afternoon / a specific afternoon) and une apres-midi (implied a passage of time/duration; or an afternoon spent doing something).

Ce n’est jamais trop tard …
If you didn’t get to see it live, you can still view the virtual Jean-Michel Jarre New Year’s concert from Notre-Dame here. But Jean-Michel wasn’t the only artist lighting up famous sites in and around Paris pour le réveillon du Saint-Sylvestre. DJ David Guetta performed live from la cour Napoléon au Louvre while a whole host of artists held a spectacular concert (complete with feu d’artifice) from the Palace of Versailles. 
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