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Le nouvel an (New years) is just a few short weeks away, but it’s not just a new year, it’s a whole new décenie (decade). The perfect time for a look back … and for un cadeau (a gift).

In the new year, Transparent Language will be sponsoring a “greatest hits” Spotify list of songs from around the world … but we need your help to do it! This week I’m sharing a few of my favorite chansons françaises (French songs) from the last 10 years (one for each year). Take a look and let us know (in the comments) which you like best … or suggest your own chanson française préférée (favorite French song) from 2010 – 2019!

Le Top 50

When I lived in France there was no émission de télé (tv program) that I liked more than Le Top 50 on Canal+. This countdown of the week’s top chansons in video helped me to connect with French popular culture, work on my vocabulary, and discover some great new artistes (artists, also singers). I don’t have access to Canal+ or le Top 50 anymore, but the internet, YouTube, and Apple Music have made it easy for me to keep up with what’s happening musically in France … so without further ado, here are some of my chansons françaises préférées of the last 10 years.


Shy’m is a great pop singer. I like a lot of her songs, and this one put her on the top of the charts back in 2010.


Mika sings in English and in French. This song is not only fun, the video features the great French actress Fanny Ardant.


This song by Khaled is reflects the influence that France’s former North African colonies have had on French music and culture.


The French rapper Black M had three songs in the top ten in 2013 including this one.


This song from Kendji Girac seems to straddle the frontière (border) between France and l’Espagne (Spain).


Louane has appeared in the Transparent Language French blog before. I like this 2015 song of hers quite a lot.


This French pop duo is doing very fun things … including this virtual reality confection.


Since first discovering his music, I have become a huge fan of Calogero. I’ve covered his songs not once, but twice already. And this song from 2017 … which harkens back to 1987 quand j’ai terminé le lycée (when I finished high school) … is full of nostalgic fun … and simply amazing. Try not to dance!


Elizabeth first covered this song for us back in 2018. Here is an updated link to the official clip (video).


Now don’t forget! Tell us which you like best … or suggest your own! I’m always looking for new artists to add to my playlists!

Photo by Stas Knop from Pexels

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  1. Duncan Gray:

    2010: Zaz, although I can’t decide whether I like the best La fée of Port coton.

    • Tim Hildreth:

      @Duncan Gray Merci, Duncan. I am not familiar with Zaz so I will definitely look forward to discovering these two new songs and a new artist!