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French Language – Demonstrative Pronouns bis Posted by on Feb 25, 2020 in Culture, Grammar, Music, Vocabulary

A few weeks ago we reviewed demonstrative pronouns in French. As we discussed, les pronoms démonstratifs generally agree in gender and number with the nouns they replace … with one exception that we’ll look at this week.

Le cas exceptionnel de ce

Ce (or c’ when it comes before a vowel) is a demonstrative pronoun that can replace just about any nominal group or phrase. Unlike it’s other, gendered cousins, ce doesn’t need to agree in gender or number with the thing or things it is replacing.

Cette chemise est celle que j’aime le mieux. C’est ma préférée.
This shirt is the one that I like the best. It is my favorite.

Ce film est celui que j’aime le mieux. C’est mon préféré.
This is the movie that I like the best. It is my favorite.

Cette voiture est à mon père. C’est à lui.
This car belongs to my father. It is his.

Ce chien est à ma sœur. C’est à elle.
This dog belongs to my sister. It is hers.

Petite mise à jour

A little update on a comment from last week: In doing a bit more research it seems that the expression visionnage en rafale (or visionnement en rafale) is more common in Québec, while in France you’re more likely to encounter the very franglais binge-watching, binge-viewing, or even visionnage boulimique (not a particularly good image, if you ask me!).

Un peu plus de musique

The Transparent Language Spotify list is live! If you want to grow your appreciation of French (or 15 other languages) music, check it out.

And to wrap up this week, a couple of fun songs just because … They’re not on our Spotify channel yet, but you can enjoy them here. I hope they bring you joy and make the week dance right along.


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