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Fall In Love With A French Pop Song: Joyce Jonathan – Ça Ira Posted by on Aug 15, 2018

La musique (the music) is a great way to keep practicing le français when you’re tired of doing drills and looking at vocabulary lists. For French learners, the catchier la chanson (the song) the better! Le but (the goal) is to sing la chanson for fun and forget it’s actually studying! I’ve mentioned it a…

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Recommended for vous Posted by on Aug 14, 2018

Back at the end of mai (May) / début juin (start of June) I shared a couple of contes (stories, short tales) that I found online. I shared them both because they had some good vocabulary and because I was fascinated by the morality they (attempted) to share. Both tales reflected both a simpler and a more simplistic…

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The Fortunate Word I Can’t Remember How To Spell In French Posted by on Aug 8, 2018

L’orthographe (orthography, spelling) has been a weakness of mine since l’école primaire (elementary school). That same faiblesse (weakness) came back when I learned le français. Even after graduating en France, there are words I have trouble remembering how to spell en français. Heureusement (fortunately), in the age of computers I can rely on le correcteur…

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Time for another nap Posted by on Aug 7, 2018

John recently wrote about mixing up words when speaking French. It’s a common occurrence for those of us using multiple languages to communicate… And a story that reminded me of a funny error from my own past! I was just 16 years old when I went to France the first time. I was fortunate to…

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Learning French With A Wolf Posted by on Aug 1, 2018

A catchy song is a good way to make learning a language feel more like a fun time and less like les devoirs (homework). There are many great chansons françaises (French songs) that get stuck in my head and have helped me learn le vocabulaire and la grammaire. Et si on chantait (and if we…

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