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Spring in Paris Posted by on Apr 6, 2021

Photo taken by and used with permission from Tim Hildreth

Easter was this past weekend, or Pâques, as it is known in France. Et qui dit Pâques, dit printemps. But this printemps will be unlike any other as France is in the midst of a third nationwide Covid lockdown. Still, spring in Paris is something to be celebrated. Un troisième confinement bis A few weeks…

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France – Looking Forward Posted by on Nov 3, 2020

Last week I promised a change of pace, so while the world continues to grapple with Covid, this week I’ll keep the coverage to a minimum. Someday this global pandémie (pandemic) will be over and we’ll be ready to get back to life. What next? No one quite knows when this will all end, but…

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French Culture – Fake News Posted by on Oct 6, 2020

While the term “fake news” might feel new, the concept isn’t. Rumors, hear-say, propaganda, and manipulations are as old as language itself. And in today’s hyper-connected world, these concepts can seem more pressing than ever. What will people say? In today’s hyper-connected information world, a Tweet can ruin your life … even if you didn’t…

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French Music – Flowers for the soul Posted by on Sep 29, 2020

Vous savez que j’aime la musique (you know that I love music) and I find it to be both a great escape and a great way to practice language skills. But when pop stars go beyond dance beats they can move more than our feet. And in these troubling times we can all use a…

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French Culture – Music for the classes Posted by on Sep 22, 2020

Back when I was teaching, I loved to use songs to introduce new vocabulary. At the time, my musical collection was limited to the songs and CDs I owned … and was a little stuck in the 1980’s! Il n’y a pas que les années 80 ! If you’ve been reading my posts for a while…

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French Music – Saying Goodbye to Summer Posted by on Sep 8, 2020

It’s only early September, but here in the northeastern United States, things are already sliding towards fall. It’s time to get back to school, to work, and to say … Au revoir à l’été La Madrague is a charming little chanson française that for years I thought was written for Brigitte Bardot by Serge Gainsbourg ……

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French Culture – Catastrophe Posted by on Sep 1, 2020

The young suedoise (Swede, f.) Greta Thunberg has, over the last few years, reinvigorated a global conversation about the climate and the future of our planet. This week I discovered an interesting French musical group that puts these same concerns to a party beat to remind us that . . . Ensemble on peut faire…

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