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The young suedoise (Swede, f.) Greta Thunberg has, over the last few years, reinvigorated a global conversation about the climate and the future of our planet. This week I discovered an interesting French musical group that puts these same concerns to a party beat to remind us that . . .

Ensemble on peut faire mieux

Together we can do better. In today’s world of global pandemics and changement climatique (climate change), we all need to work together if we want to proteger la Terre (protect the Earth). If we do, tout pourrait être autrement” (everything could be different). And if not …

Well, in this video the group reminds us that l’univers continuera sans nous … et les villes deviendront des forets (the universe will go on without us … and the cities will become forests).

Mais il faut garder l’espoir (but we must have hope) that life will go on so that we have time to do all the things we cherish encore et encore (again and again; still1See this previous post for an explanation of the different possible meanings of encore.).

The group, Catastrophe, are equal parts musical troupe and performance artists as illustrated by this clip. You can learn more about the group on their website … or by watching the series of videos showing l’envers du décor (the behind the scenes) for their tours. I especially like this one that highlights the power of travel . Or enjoy a little virtual travel of your own with this carte postale virtuelle (virtual postcard).

Le Petit Prince: nouvelle ecolo? (The Little Prince: Green novella?) Why does Le Petit Prince evoke l’avenir de notre planète pour moi (the future of our planet for me)? Two reasons: les baobabs et les volcans (baobabs and volcanoes). The little prince wants his new friend to lui dessiner un mouton so that it can keep the baobabs in check before they can do lasting damage to his fragile home. “Si la planète est trop petite, et si les baobabs sont trop nombreux, ils la font éclater » (if the planet is too small, and if the baobabs are too many, they will blow it apart). And, on his planet the little prince has three volcanoes, deux en activités et un éteint (two active ones and one dormant). Before leaving on his journey, the little prince made sure to ramoner ses volcans (clean his volcanoes) since he knew the importance of taking care of his home.

Photo by Arthur Ogleznev from Pexels

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