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French Music – Flowers for the soul Posted by on Sep 29, 2020 in Culture, Music, Vocabulary

Vous savez que j’aime la musique (you know that I love music) and I find it to be both a great escape and a great way to practice language skills. But when pop stars go beyond dance beats they can move more than our feet.

And in these troubling times we can all use a reminder that la vie est belle (life is beautiful) and to focus on the world outside ourselves.

In researching last week’s post about contemporary artists, I came across this lovely song from Clara Luciani.

Quand tout fout le camp When everything flies apart
Quand tout est décevant When everything is disappointing
Quand rien n’est à sa place When nothing is where it should be
Pas même moi Not even me
Quand tout me lasse When everything leaves me bored
Quand tout est dégueulasse When everything is disgusting
Quand rien ne vaut la peine When nothing is worth the effort
Pas même moi Not even me
Je pense aux fleurs I think about flowers
Qui sont parfaites Which are perfect
Qui n’ont pas d’autre rôle que de l’être With no other rôle to play except to be (perfect)
Je pense aux fleurs I think about the flowers
Et c’est bête And it’s dumb
Mais j’envie leur beauté muette But I envy them their silent beauty
Quand les faits divers When the news of the day
Me donnent des insomnies Keeps me up at night
Que rien ne me guérit And nothing heals me
Pas même toi Not even me
Quand je cherche un sens When I am looking for meaning
À ma longue errance To my long wandering
Que rien ne me soulage When nothing relieves me
Rien ne me séduit Nothing interests me
[Refrain] [Chorus]
Que mon cœur implose When my heart implodes
Qu’on me morde mes pensées When my thoughts are eating me up
M’enivre comme une vague Pulling me under like a wave
Prête à m’avaler Ready to smallow me
Quand je suis coincée When I’m stuck
Dans un corps trop étroit In a body that is too tight
Que je sens l’univers And I feel the universe
Se refermer sur moi Closing in on me

Mise au jour / Update

La semaine dernière1While it is a little less common, you may also see la semaine passée une grande artiste nous a quitté (Last week, we lost another great artist). The French singer Juliette Gréco2Click to see her official obituary in The Guardian. passed away at the age of 93. You can enjoy one of her songs here.

Les tournesols

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite from Pexels

  • 1
    While it is a little less common, you may also see la semaine passée
  • 2
    Click to see her official obituary in The Guardian.
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  1. Helene:

    Thank you. I think this is beautiful I love it!

    • Tim Hildreth:

      @Helene Merci, Hélène. Je suis content que ça vous plaise. I am happy that you like it.