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Spring in Paris Posted by on Apr 6, 2021 in Culture, Music

Easter was this past weekend, or Pâques, as it is known in France. Et qui dit Pâques, dit printemps1And when you say Easter, you say spring. But this printemps will be unlike any other as France is in the midst of a third nationwide Covid lockdown. Still, spring in Paris is something to be celebrated.

Photo taken by and used with permission from Tim Hildreth

Un troisième confinement bis

A few weeks ago I reported on France’s third lockdown. At the time, the confinement only applied to those parts of the country that were hardest hit by the latest wave of Covid-19. As of today (le 6 avril2April 6), that confinement has been generalized to the whole country.

For the next quatre semaines3four weeks the couvre-feu between 7 pm and 6 am will continue and a new attestation pour les déplacements dans un rayon de 10 kilomètres autour du lieu d’habitation est disponible4declaration for outings within 10 kms of a place of residence is now available but now with the added restriction that il est désormais impossible de se déplacer entre régions sauf motifs impérieux5it is henceforth impossible to travel between regions without an urgent reason.

You can hear more about the specific restrictions announced le 31 mars6March 31st (and hear some first person reactions to the new restrictions) here.

Printemps à Paris

While this April in Paris will be dominated by the latest confinement – and let’s be honest, April in Paris can also be rainy, raw, and gray! – when le printemps arrive there is no better avril than one spent in Paris … one like the one that this little song (with a fun modern clip) from the French singer Jacqueline Taïeb evokes.

Viens avec moi Come with me
Je connais bien par ici I know this area well
Tu vois tout ça You see all of this
Pour moi c’est vraiment Paris For me, that’s the real Paris
Viens je t’emmène Come along and I’ll take you
Loin des voitures, loin du bruit Far from the cars, far from the noise
Goûter au rêve To taste the dream
Du printemps à Paris Of springtime in Paris
On va s’assoir We’ll take a seat
Sur les marches du Sacré Cœur On the steps the Sacre Coeur
Et tu vas voir And you will see
C’est presque ça, le bonheur That it’s almost this, happiness
Prends ta guitare Take your guitar
Chante un air de ton pays Sing a tune from your country
Tu peux me croire Believe me
Tu ne déranges personne ici You won’t bother anyone here
Lève la tête Lift your head
Et vois, déjà c’est la nuit And look, it’s already night
Ce serait bête It would be too bad (lit. dumb, stupid, silly)
De ne pas rester ici To go (lit. to not stay here)
Entre tes doigts In your hands (lit. between your fingers)
Qu’il est joli, cet accord How beautiful, that chord
J’aime ta voix I love your voice
Chante donc un peu plus fort Sing a bit louder
Un gars s’arrête A guy stops
Une femme qui passe nous sourit A woman going by smiles at us
C’est jour de fête It’s a holiday
Le printemps à Paris Springtime in Paris
Prends une orange Have an orange
Tu disais que t’avais soif You said you were thirsty
Si tu la manges, If you eat it
Te salis pas Don’t get yourself messy
Paupières closes Your eyelids closed
Tu mords à pleines dents le fruit You bite into the fruit
C’est peu de choses It’s a small thing
Le bonheur à Paris Happiness in Paris
Le printemps à Paris Springtime in Paris
  • 1
    And when you say Easter, you say spring
  • 2
    April 6
  • 3
    four weeks
  • 4
    declaration for outings within 10 kms of a place of residence is now available
  • 5
    it is henceforth impossible to travel between regions without an urgent reason
  • 6
    March 31st
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