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German actors: Moritz Bleibtreu Posted by on Oct 9, 2012 in Culture

Hi everybody! I want to start a little series about German actors to let you participate in German culture (though some of them might be known overseas as well!). Today I´ll start with one of my favourite ones…

German actor Moritz Bleibtreu was born in 1971 in Munich and he descends from a family of actors. He is the son of the Austrian actors Monica Bleibtreu (1944-2009) and Hans Brenner (1938-1998). He is a grandson of Renato Attilo Bleibtreu and his “great-grandaunt” was actress Hedwig Bleibtreu.

Moritz Bleibtreu was raised in Hamburg. Already as a child he was standing in front of the camera. Especially in the series “Neues aus Uhlenbusch” that was written by his mother Monica Bleibtreu and Rainer Boldt. The chief character played by Hans-Peter Korff was married to Moritz´ mother by that time. His next role was in “Ich hatte einen Traum”, also written by Boldt. The next one was side by side with his mother in a mini series called “Mit meinen heißen Tränen” in 1986.

Moritz quit school with the “Realschulabschluss” after 11th grade. Because of his nonappereance, he didn´t get any grades.

Afterwards he moved to Paris/France where he worked as an Au-Pair and learned French. After another year in Italy he moved to New York to take some acting lessons. He continued his career at the “Schauspielhaus” in Hamburg. After this, he played some roles in small TV productions. Already in 1993 he showed big changeableness in a production called “Schulz & Schulz 5” though it was a supporting role.

In the 1990s he played some bigger roles. He got more and more famous, especially through his movie roles in “Knockin´ on heaven´s door”, “Lola rennt”, “Das Experiment” and “Der Baader Meinhof Komplex”. With filmmaker Fatih Akin he made the movies “Im Juli”, “Solino”, “Soul Kitchen” and “Chiko”. Occasionally the multiple awared actor could be seen in international co-productions as well. Even in big supporting roles.

He also played in films for children like the Danish one “Der Fakir” (2004).

Trailer to “Free Rainer – Dein Fernseher lügt” (1997)

Some of his most famous films are:

1977: Neues aus Uhlenbusch (Fernsehfilm)
1995: Stadtgespräch
1997: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
1998: Lola rennt
2000: Fandango – Members Only
2000: Im Juli
2000: Taking Sides – Der Fall Furtwängler
2001: Lammbock – Alles in Handarbeit
2001: Das Experiment
2001: Deadly Shadows
2002: Solino
2004: Der Fakir
2004: Basta – Rotwein oder Totsein
2005: Vom Suchen und Finden der Liebe
2005: München (Munich)
2006: Elementarteilchen
2006: Der steinerne Kreis (Le Concile de Pierre)
2007: Free Rainer – Dein Fernseher lügt
2007: Chiko
2008: Speed Racer
2008: Der Baader Meinhof Komplex
2009: Soul Kitchen
2010: Goethe!
2011: Mein bester Feind
2012: Die vierte Macht
2012: Schutzengel

So a question to you guys from other countries: Have you ever heard of Moritz Bleibtreu or one of the films he played?

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  1. Max Anton Zimmerman:

    I live in Florida and have been a fan of Franka Potente for some time. I thought I recognized Moritz’s name form the headline of your blog. I found him an intriguing actor and each time I watch Lola Rennt, I end up finding something I missed about his character. Hollywood should track him down for a role and by that I mean a real role, as in not playing a Nazi because he happens to be German.

  2. jan:

    Hey Max,

    that´s an interesting point! A lot of German actors play Nazi-roles in Hollywood productions…I guess this is really because they happen to be German and have that special accent. Well, maybe sometime Moritz will get another role…we`ll see!