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German Music: Laith Al-Deen Posted by on Apr 11, 2011 in Culture, Language, Music

This time it is getting musikalisch (musically). I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite German Musiker (musicians): Laith Al-Deen who is one of the few Künstler (artists) who also sings in German. You should know that most German singers bevorzugen (prefer) or, at least,  dazu neigen (tend) to sing in English rather than in German.

Laith was born to an irakischen Vater (Iraqi father) and a deutschen Mutter (German mother) on February 20, 1972 in Karlsruhe. He grew up in the USA and in Mannheim, Germany.

Bilder von Dir (Pictures of you) was his first Single (single) in 2000. I remember the time of the release year very well. I had just meinen Führerschein gemacht (taken my driving test) a few months zuvor (before), and was cruising through the city when I heard the song on the radio for the very first time, and I immediately fell in love with it. Back then Laith Al-Deen was completely unknown to me. Unfortunately, the Radiomoderator (radio host) did not erwähnen (mention) his name, which made me ziemlich ärgerlich und traurig (quite of angry and sad). It took me a couple of months to find out who the singer of this song was. One of my Schulkameraden (schoolfellows) could das Geheimnis lüften (disclose this secret) by chance when I was talking with him about music. The very next day I went to a music store, bought the single, got home, and listened to the song in an infinity loop 😉 Here you can listen to the Lied (song) and watch das offizielle Video (the official video). I hope you like the song as much as I did and still do. The song was written by Schallbau; a team of music producers from Offenbach.


The English version of the song Bilder von Dir had already been released in 1996 by B-Zet, a Musikprojekt (musical project) by Schallbau, under the title “Everlasting pictures”. I like this version very much, too. I am going to provide it, as well, for two reasons. First, you have the chance to pick your personal favorite version and second, to give you the chance to ascertain the Text (lyrics). Of course, it is no literal translation. Nevertheless, the meaning of the contents is the same.


I also want to share some further songs by Laith Al-Deen with you. I hope you will like them. Enjoy 🙂

Dein Lied (Your Song).


Keine wie Du (No one like you)

Augen (Eyes)


If you like to find out more about Laith Al-Deen click here


Mögt Ihr seine Musik? / Do you like his music?


musikalisch – musically

der Musiker –  male musician

die Musikerin – female musician

der Künstler – male artist

die Künstlerin – female artist

bevorzugen – prefer

dazu neigen – tend to

der irakische Vater – Iraqi father

die deutsche Mutter – German mother

die Single – single

den Führerschein machen – to take one’s driving test

zuvor – before

der Radiomoderator – male radio host

die Radiomoderatorin – female radio host

erwähnen – to mention

ziemlich ärgerlich und traurig – quite angry and sad

der Schulkamerad – male schoolfellow

die Schulkameradin – female schoolfellow

ein Geheimnis lüften – to disclose a secret

das Lied – song

das offizielle Video – official video

das Musikprojekt – musical project

der (Lied-)Text – here: lyrics


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