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German Numbers 1 – 20 Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 in Language, Practice

We’ve created this handy little table of German numbers from 1 to 20 for students who are new to learning German.  Included is a video with native speaker pronunciation – listen to it several times, and make sure to practice your own pronunciation by speaking the numbers out loud.  In the absence of an instructor it can be hard to make yourself practice the speaking part, but it’s important!

When you’re ready for more numbers, check out our German Numbers 1 – 100 post!


Number German
0 null
1 eins
2 zwei
3 drei
4 vier
5 fünf
6 sechs
7 sieben
8 acht
9 neun
10 zehn
11 elf
12 zwölf
13 dreizehn
14 vierzehn
15 fünfzehn
16 sechzehn
17 siebzehn
18 achtzehn
19 neunzehn
20 zwanzig

And here’s the video:

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