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Happy Mother’s Day! Vocabulary for Mother’s Day Posted by on May 10, 2015 in Language, Practice, Traditions

In Germany the second Sunday of May is Mutter Tag (Mother’s day). The only exception is when the second Sunday falls on a public holiday “Pfingstsonntag” in which Mother’s Day is then changed to the first Sunday of May. This year it’s on the 10th of May, which is today! Here are some ideas in German of what to give to your Mum and some vocabulary of what you can say to her,



Die Blumen                            Flowers

Das Frühstück im Bett     Breakfast in bed

Die Karte                                 A card

Der Kuchen                            Cake

Das Parfüm                            Perfume

Der Gutschein                     A voucher



 Ich habe dich Lieb                                     Literal translation: I have love for you. This basically means “I love you”, but it is used more for families and close friends, rather than in a romantic way. (The romantic sentence would of course be Ich liebe dich).

Danke für alles was du für mich machst       Thank you for everything that you do for me

Du bist die beste Mami der welt                      You are the best Mum in the world

Was würde ich ohne dich tun?                        What would I do without you?

Geniess den Tag, du verdienst es                   Enjoy the day, you deserve it

Danke. Photo by Alice Popkorn on Flickr.

Here is a poem written by Anita Menger. Some words are in my vocabulary (above) so see if you can understand it!

Ich pflücke für dich Blumen

und male dir ein Bild.

Sag’: „Mama, hab’ dich lieb!“ –

bin brav und gar nicht wild.

Und obendrein bekommst du

noch einen dicken Schmatz.

Dann drückst du mich ganz fest

und sagst: „Mein lieber Schatz!“

My English translation:

I pick flowers for you

and draw you a picture

Say: “Mum, I love you!” –

I’m well behaved and not at all wild.

And on top of it you get

a fat kiss.

Then you hug me tight

and say “Oh my dear sweetheart!”

…It’s not so poetic in English but at least you know what it means now! What day do you celebrate Mother’s Day where you come from?


Bis bald,


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