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How the Germans cope with their World Cup Elimination Posted by on Jun 29, 2018 in Culture

On Wednesday, Germany lost the match against South Korea in the Football World Cup in Russia. The Weltmeister (world champion) had high hopes, everybody had faith that they would do a good job. But now, they ended last in their Gruppe (group), and are ausgeschieden (eliminated) already. But how do the Germans cope with this Blamage (humiliation)?

Das Spiel

The Spiel (game) itself was not played well, as the Spieler (players) of the deutsche Nationalelf (German national team) even concede. Germany lost 2-0 against South Korea, something that (almost) nobody expected. Germany now ended last in Group F of the FIFA Football World Cup in Russia. A lot of disappointment. Here is the reaction of Bundestrainer (national coach) Joachim Löw after the Game:

Es gab Chancen, aber sie wurden nicht genutzt (There were chances, but they were not used).

Wenn man gewinnen will, muss man Tore schießen (If you want to win, you have to make goals).

Es herrscht natürlich eine riesige Enttäuschung (There is of course a lot of disappointment).

Wir haben es nicht verdient weiter zu kommen (We did not deserve it to proceed).

Wir haben es nicht auf den Platz gebracht (We did not bring it onto the pitch).

Wir konnten es nicht umsetzen (We could not implement it).

Es ist schwierig so einen riesigen Erfolg einfach wieder zu wiederholen (It is difficult to simply repeat such a great success).


So, people are disappointed. How do they cope?

7-1 gegen Brasilien

In the Erfolg (success) of the Weltmeisterschaft (World Cup) of 2014, when Germany became Weltmeister, the deutsche Nationalelf beat Brasilien (Brazil) with a massive Sieg (victory) of 7-1. It was a decisive win for Germany and a shameful loss for the Brazilians. They now get their revenge – and celebrated it as such as well:

But the Germans? They re-watch this incredible match as consolation.


Another consolidation? Simply with a bit of Spaß (fun)! Darüber lachen ist besser! (Laughing about it is better!)

And so the Germans did:

Also here are some more Witze (jokes):


But most Germans I have spoken to say the same thing: Wir haben es nicht verdient, weil wir nicht gut gespielt haben (we did not deserve it, because we did not play well). And so nobody is really sad – and we can look forward to some more spannende Wochen der WM (exciting weeks of the World Cup)!

What do you think of Germany losing in the group rounds? How would you cope? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. James:

    Hey Sten, having been visiting friends in Hamburg this week I can report Germans are anything but sad and laughing about finishing bottom in their World Cup group, try furious, embarrassing, angry, humiliated, let down, disaster, unbelievable, miserable, depressing and these are words that I can say in this comment.. Schadenfreude me thinks.

    • Sten:

      @James Interesting! Thanks for adding that. I’ve had somewhat of a different experience – but you are right that some are definitely angry at the sub-par football they presented.

  2. alcazar:

    It must be double pain for you 😛
    First because Netherlands didnt even take part in the Worldcup and second Germany has been eliminated…

    • Sten:

      @alcazar To be fair, I kinda gave up on the Dutch team in the past few years, and the German team did it in 2014. They just didn’t deliver now, so it’s fine they are out! Lots of interesting teams playing very well, I think! Who do you root for? 🙂