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How To Rate Something In German Posted by on Apr 25, 2018 in Language

Guten Tag! Today I’m going to give you some words and phrases to use if you want to rate or review something in German. This may come in useful if you’re purchasing a product in Germany and want to leave a review, or if you’re buying from a German-speaking website or place and want to understand what the reviews say before you buy it. I hope this will be useful. Let’s get started!

Die Bewertung – rating/review
Die Kundenbewertung – customer rating

Good reviews – positive Bewertungen

Big Thumbs Up

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Here are a selection of words and phrases you may see to describe something in a positive light:

Passt – This might mean something literally ‘fits’ (eg. if it’s an item of clothing), or it might be a very chilled out way of saying something is good/fine/no problems.

Zufrieden – Happy, satisfied

Super – super (we don’t use this word as often in English as the Germans do!)

Super zufrieden – Very happy

Rundum zufrieden – Happy overall

Gerne wieder – Would buy from you again (‘happily again’)

Alles in Ordnung – Everything is fine/in working order

Alles gut – All good

Gute Ware – Top product

Top Artikel – Top product

Hohe/gute Qualität – High/good quality

Wie beschrieben – As described

Keine Probleme – No problems

Klasse – Not to be confused with the English word ‘classy’, the German ‘Klasse’ is another way of saying something is really great

Zu empfehlen/empfehlenswert – Recommended

Preis/Leistung gut – Good value for money

1A – A+. If you see someone giving a rating of ‘1A’, they are giving the top grade – like an A+ or 5 stars.

Klare Kaufempfehlung – A clear recommendation, a no-brainer.

Bad reviews – negative Bewertungen

Pollice Verso

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Here are a selection of words and phrases you may see to describe something in a negative light:

Ein Mangel – A flaw
Mehrere Mängel – Several flaws
Nie angekommen – Never arrived
Spät angekommen – Arrived late
Schlechter Kundenservice – Bad customer service
Schlechte Qualit
ät – Bad quality
Schon kaputt – Broken already
Ein komischer Geruch – A funny smell
Geht nicht – Doesn’t work
Nicht wie beschrieben – Not as described
Zu kurz, zu lang, zu klein, zu gro
ß (etc.) – too short, too long, too small, too big (etc. – when you see the word ‘zu’ followed by an adjective, the reviewer is saying the product is ‘too much’ of something)

I hope this will be useful to you when you’re reading (or writing!) customer reviews in German. 🙂 If you have seen any words or phrases in a review that you’d like explained, or if you want to know how to say a particular thing, leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you about it!

Bis bald!

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  2. Jan Schattling:

    “Eine Mangel – A flaw” is wrong.
    Phrased that way it means “a mangle”, like that thing that people used to flatten and dry clothes.
    It should be “Ein Mangel”.

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