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The Types of Insurance you need in Germany Posted by on Apr 24, 2018 in Culture, Uncategorized

If you’re thinking about moving to Germany then this a helpful post to let you know what kind of insurance you need for day to day life. It’s also good to learn some new vocabulary about the different types of Versicherungen!

Sozialversicherung – Social Insurance

This insurance is actually made up of five different insurances – these are theĀ Krankenversicherung, Rentenversicherung, Unfallversicherung, Pflegeversicherung and Arbeitslosenversicherung. If you are employed in Germany you are usually automatically insured. See below to understand what each insurance is.

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Krankenversicherung – Health Insurance
What everyone needs when they live in Germany; health insurance incase you have to go to the doctor or to hospital. Pick out a Krankenkasse (health insurance company) and then you can decide whether to go private or gesetzlich (statutory). A few Krankenkassen are AOK, Techniker Krankenkasse, Barmer and DAK Gesundheit.

Rentenversicherung – Pension Insurance
Also a very important insurance for when you go in Renter (retirement). You are automatically insured with the Deutsche Rentenversicherung when you are employed, are taking part in an Ausbildung (education) or if you are unemployed but supported by the government. There is also the choice of going private with this insurance too.

Arbeitslosenversicherung – unemployment insurance

If you lose your job this insurance makes sure you still get unemployment benefits so that you still get money. You are eligible if you have worked 12 months in the past two years, and once you are unemployed you must go to the Arbeitsamt (work agency) to declare that you are unemployed.

Unfallversicherung – Accident Insurance
The name pretty much explains what this insurance is for. Insurance incase you have an accident. This will cover the costs of emergency transport, operations and also other things for example if you need a wheelchair.

Pflegeversicherung – Care Insurance
This helps cover the cost if you need a carer at your home during the day or night, if you are an outpatient or if you are in an Altenheim (old people’s home).


If you have any other questions then leave a comment below, these are the most important things to be insured in but I will make a second post soon to show you other insurances that Germany offers.

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  1. Carrlos R. Barron:

    Danke for the information about Insurance I learned the word Insurance auf deutsh that I did not know before.
    greetings from Antioch,CA

  2. Hector Valderrama:

    Hi! So many preventive actions to take care of citizens, but that mean taxes are high so general income needs to be? How many dollars a day in a mid/class way of living?