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Spring Gardening in German Posted by on Feb 23, 2021 in Language

Spring has sprung and with Germany announcing the re-opening of garden centers soon (we are still in lockdown due to Covid19), I thought it would be the perfect time to write a post on gardening! I personally don’t have a garden but enjoy planting herbs, vegetables and flowers indoors. Here is a post for all of you budding gardeners out there!

The basics

die Blume(n)                                           the flower(s)

die Pflanze(n)                                      the plant(s)

das Gewächs                                       the plant (another word for it)

der (die) Samen                                  the seed(s)

die Keimung                                        the germination

das (die) Blatt (Blätter)                     the leaf/leaves

die Erde                                                 the soil

der Dünger                                           the fertilizer

das (die) Gartenwerkzeug(e)        the gardening tool(s)

der Pflanzentopf                                the plant pot

die Gießkanne                                    the watering can

das Gewächshaus                              the green house

das Sonnenlicht                                 the sunlight

schattig                                               shady

die Kräuter                                         the herbs

die Gartenarbeit                               gardening

eintopfen                                           to plant in a pot

umtopfen                                           to repot

gießen                                                 to water

bewässern                                         to water (another word for it)


Top Flowers to Plant in Spring

die Narzissen                   the daffodils

die Tulpen                         the tulips (personally my favorite to brighten up my home)

die Schneeglöckchen     the snowdrops

die Hyazinthen               the hyacinths 

Top Herbs to Plant in Spring

der Koriander              (the) cilantro

der Dill                          (the) dill

der Schnittlauch         (the) chive

das Basilikum              (the) basil- although this is a summer plant, if you first plant it indoors in spring it will be ready to be planted outside late spring.


Top Vegetables to Plant in Spring

der Spargel             the asparagus – asparagus season in Germany is very big and we have white and green asparagus. White asparagus is more commonly eaten here than green.

der Spinat               the spinach- very easy to grow if you are a beginner!

die Tomaten           the tomatoes – plant these indoors and when there is no more frost at night you can plant them outside.

der Brokkoli          the broccoli

der Knoblauch      the garlic- this is often grown to help repel insects.

das Radieschen    the radish


Signs Your Plant Needs Help

verwelken               to wilt

gelbe Blätter          yellow leaves

braune Flecken     brown spots

der Schimmel      the mould


I currently have peppermint, tomato, spinach and sweet peas growing on my windowsill. I also recently bought some Dünger and what a difference it makes! Let me know in the comments if you like gardening (whether that’s indoors or out) and what you are growing at the moment.


Thanks for reading,


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  1. Doris Fraser:

    I would love to hear about indoor herb and vegetable gardening, since I too do not have a garden,

    • Larissa:

      @Doris Fraser Hello Doris,

      Thank you for your comment, stay tuned for my next post 🙂


  2. Rod:

    Liked gardening information

    • Larissa:

      @Rod Thank you Rod!!