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A Typical German Breakfast Posted by on Mar 30, 2016

I find the day always starts off better when you have a good breakfast. In Germany you usually have a very simple breakfast consisting of German bread, various toppings (butter, jam, sausage etc), boiled eggs, coffee and juice. I personally love this style of breakfast as it’s a bit like a buffet and everyday you can…

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Understanding Signs and Sayings in German Public Transport Posted by on Mar 15, 2016

Hallo! Sometimes it can be tricky if you’re in a different country and have no idea where to go as you don’t understand the signs or what people are saying. This post will give you the most common words and sentences you will hear as you use die öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel (public transport).   To start…

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Telling the Time in German Posted by on Jul 27, 2015

If is often said that German people are very pünktlich (on time), I’ve written a list of basic vocabulary to help you tell the time, and to ask what the time is in German so that you’ll never be spät (late)! First of all here are a few numbers in German: Eins                        One Zwei                      Two…

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Traditional German Apfelkuchen Recipe Posted by on Jun 27, 2015

Here is a recipe for a traditional German Apfelkuchen (apple cake) that I baked yesterday. This is great übung (practice) for your German, expanding your vocabulary, practicing how to follow a German recipe and at the end of it you can reward yourself with homemade Apfelkuchen! I’ve written the recipe in German and English in case you get…

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Happy Mother’s Day! Vocabulary for Mother’s Day Posted by on May 10, 2015

In Germany the second Sunday of May is Mutter Tag (Mother’s day). The only exception is when the second Sunday falls on a public holiday “Pfingstsonntag” in which Mother’s Day is then changed to the first Sunday of May. This year it’s on the 10th of May, which is today! Here are some ideas in…

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Die Geschichte vom Tag Der Arbeit Posted by on May 5, 2015

Here in Germany we had a bank holiday/public holiday last Friday, on the 1st of May. This Feiertag (public holiday) happens in the whole of Germany and other surrounding countries such as Austria und Belgium. A lot of the public holidays here in Bavaria are usually religious, such as Heilige Drei Könige (literal translation: holy…

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