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Nazi Symbols In Thailand Posted by on Mar 20, 2019

Guten Tag! You may know that in Germany it is illegal to publicly display a Nazi symbol, be it on clothing or otherwise. Doing so can land you three years in jail (it is not illegal, however, if it is for the purposes of art). It is also illegal to do the Nazi salute, say…

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Germany In Different Languages Posted by on Oct 30, 2017

Allemagne in French. Niemcy in Polish. Germany in English. Deutschland in German. Have you ever noticed how the word ‘Germany’ looks completely different in different languages? Have you ever wondered why that is? Germany has a very central position in Europe. Furthermore, before it became united it was home to many different tribes and states…

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German-American Day Posted by on Oct 5, 2016

Guten Tag! I’m bringing you this post today in light of a special day tomorrow, October 6th 2016. Tomorrow is German-American Day in the USA! This is a day to celebrate the German heritage in America. Specifically, it commemorates the date in 1683 when 13 German families settled in Philadelphia and subsequently founded Germantown, Pennsylvania…

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German Words From The News Posted by on Dec 7, 2015

Whilst browsing the other Transparent Language blogs as I do from time to time, I came across a fantastic post on the Greek blog entitled ‘Greek vocabulary from the news’. There are a few, interconnected topics that are dominating the headlines worldwide at the moment, namely der Terrorismus (terrorism), der Syrien Konflikt (the Syria conflict)…

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Translation and vocabulary list: Germany and world religions Posted by on Feb 17, 2011

In my previous post I published a German text on world religions. Below you can find a sentence-by-sentence translation of the text. In the vocabulary list I color-coded the words in accordance to their grammatical gender in German. Green = neuter Blue = masculine Red = feminine Das Christentum, das Judentum, der Hinduismus, der Buddhismus…

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Deutschland und Weltreligionen – Germany and world religions Posted by on Feb 16, 2011

Recently I was talking to my Australian friend and I asked him what he finds interesting about the German culture. He broached the subject religion. He told me that he had noticed a trend of Atheism in the newly formed states of Germany. This trend is grounded in the history of East Germany. When in…

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