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Treasury of words – An easy exercise Posted by on Mar 27, 2013 in Language

I know, I know…learning vocabulary isn´t always fun and sometimes it surely costs some effort to do so. That´s why I don´t want to annoy you. But with this little exercise, you can check your status  pretty good. Even if you don´t know all the words! In my opinion this one is relatively easy, so if you combine a little, you should know most of the solutions.

You just have to check which words fit the beginning of the sentence. That´s all.

Please note that each exercise has two solutions!

1. Markus studiert…

a) Ökonomie
b) Kuchen
c) Hamburg
d) Witz
e) Chemie

2. Karl isst…

a) Kuchen
b) Limonade
c) Milch
d) Schokolade
e) Wörter

3. Die Kinder lernen…

a) Tee
b) Grammatik
c) Studenten
d) Vokabeln
e) Eis

4. Regine wohnt…

a) Roland Meier
b) viel
c) aus Frankreich
d) hier
e) in Stuttgart

5. Meine Frau kommt…

a) aus München
b) aus Norwegen
c) in Spanien
d) Dänisch
e) in Berlin

6. Der Käsekuchen schmeckt…

a) fertig
b) nicht
c) Mathematik
d) sehr gut
e) langsam

7. Dieses Zimmer ist…

a) groß
b) dumm
c) hell
d) alt
e) falsch

8. Carola hat zwei…

a) Hunger
b) Brüder
c) Geld
d) Schwestern
e) Zeit

1. a) e)
2. a) d)
3. b) d)
4. d) e)
5. a) b)
6. b) d)
7. a) c)
8. b) d)

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  1. EP:

    I think German prepositional verbs can be tough at first, too.

    achten auf
    arbeiten an
    glauben an
    rechnen mit
    warten auf
    zittern vor

    As a foreigner, your brain fights against these because you use other prepositional verbs in your own native language (or for the most part you do). And there’s no way around it. You just have to memorize them.