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Proverbs, Sayings Posted by on Mar 28, 2012

Today I will show to you some of our proverbs. There are way too many and I had a hard time to choose some. Some of them you already have in your language, maybe little different. So, here we are… Άλλαξε ο Μανωλίος κι έβαλε τα ρούχα του αλλιώς. Manolios(a name) changed. He turned his…

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25th Of March, independence day of Greece. Posted by on Mar 25, 2012

 “Freedom or death“(Ελευθερία ή θάνατος). These are the first words that come in the mind of every Greek in the sound of this date. The 25th of March is both national and religious holiday for Greece. It is the date that our ancestors back in the 1821 started their revolution against the Ottoman Empire. In…

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Tenses – Simple past 1st Conjugation Posted by on Mar 23, 2012

Verbs are the words that indicate an action or feeling. If you are looking in a dictionary the verbs will be presented in the I-form of the verb. This is the form that is used to reference the Greek verbs, like the infinitive form on English. Verbs can indicate a different point in time such…

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Greek National Anthem (Εθνικός Ύμνος), Greek flag Posted by on Mar 21, 2012

The National Anthem was established by the Greeks in1865. The Anthem is a poem called Hymn to freedom  (Ύμνος εις την ελευθερία) which has been written from Dionysios Solomos (Διονύσιο Σολωμό) in 1823 and composed by Nιkolaos Mantzaros (Nικόλαο Μάντζαρο) in 1828. It consists of 158 stanzas (verses) and it is the longest Anthem in…

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Personal pronouns, direct-indirect object Posted by on Mar 11, 2012

In Greek the direct and indirect pronoun are not the same like in English. For example in English we say : I met him and I talk to him. Both direct and indirect object are the same. If you translate the same sentence to Greek: Τον συνάντησα και του μίλησα (ton seenadeesa ke too meeleesa).…

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