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Greek medals in athletics Posted by on Aug 13, 2018

July has been a depressing month because of the disastrous wildfires which took place in Attica. Fortunately, August came bringing good news: the Greek team has won four medals so far at the European Athletics Championship (Ευρωπαϊκό Πρωτάθλημα Στίβου) held in Berlin! Μπράβο Ελλάδα!     Katerina Stefanidi (Κατερίνα Στεφανίδη), the pole vaulter who won…

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Full Moon 2018: Something’s happening in Greece! Posted by on Aug 6, 2018

For most Greeks August is the month of summer holidays. It is  time to relax, to meet family and friends and also to enjoy many cultural events which will take place in 95 archaeological sites all over the country from the 24th to the 27th of August. If you are in Greece, don’t miss the…

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Mythical creatures and common words Posted by on Jul 30, 2018

What is common between mythical creatures and common words? If you are interested in the origin of words and how some words are related to Greek mythology, this post is for you.   #1.chimera (χίμαιρα): This is the less common word of the list. Ιt is used to mean something unreal. It Greek mythology, Chimera (Χίμαιρα)…

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Greece is mourning Posted by on Jul 25, 2018

Today is a day of mourning for Greece. More than 70 people lost their life and dozens are missing, while trying to escape the fire in Eastern Attica, 40 kilometers from Athens. The grief leaves no space for other feelings and there are no words to say. In this post there is basic vocabulary related…

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Seven colloquial expressions in Greek Posted by on Jul 18, 2018

In our conversations we use short phrases which cannot be translated.Even advanced students can find them confusing if they don’t practice conversational Greek. In this post, there are seven common colloquial expressions put in context.   #1. Αν+verb+λέει Α: Μαγειρεύεις κάθε μέρα;/ Do you cook everyday? Β: Αν μαγειρεύω λέει; Τουλάχιστον τρία φαγητά τη μέρα./…

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