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Top Hindi Blogs Posted by on Aug 27, 2021

Blogs ब्लॉग are gaining popularity nowadays as a means of not only marketing विपणन your products but also as a means of authentic learning and teachingशिक्षण. Bloggers bleed their hearts out on a page. Whether it is for work, or for fun! They are passionate जोशीला about their subject and so will be transparent when…

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5 Authentic Hindi Teaching Sources Posted by on Aug 26, 2021

Authentic media

I learned Hindi the old fashioned way पुराने ज़माने का. In a classroom in India by a teacher who taught us using a blackboard and nothing else और कुछ नहीं. We took the notes down diligently however once we left the classroom we did not remember a thing in real life वास्तविक जीवन we had…

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Dual Meaning Hindi Words Posted by on Aug 24, 2021

There are certain words in Hindi that have no direct translation. Also, they can be translated and interpreted in several ways. This can lead to a lot of confusion as the interpretation may sometimes depend on the area in which one lives, or the tone of voice while saying the word or the context. The…

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Bombay Duck only in Bombay Posted by on Aug 20, 2021

I am a proud Bombayite. I still refer to my city as Bombay and not Mumbai as it is now known. As with many cities, Bombay has its eccentricities. May I say beloved eccentricities? I along with many who have left the shores of Bombay, decades ago, still get nostalgic when we hear certain food…

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Deconstructing Indian Food Words Posted by on Aug 18, 2021

Have you ever gone to and Indian restaurant and are stumped looking at the menu? Many of the words are difficult कठिन to pronounce let alone comprehend what they represent? Besides not wanting to look foolish मूर्ख in front of friends or the waitstaff, you may genuinely want to know what you are eating, right?…

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What is it about street food? Posted by on Aug 14, 2021

Mention samosas in a gathering जनसमूह of non-Hindi language speakers and there are smiles मुस्कान all around! Mention bhajjias and hot sweet chai in a gathering of Hindi language भाषा: हिन्दी speakers and the beams light up the room! What is it about food खाना that is a cohesive जोड़नेवाला component of relationships!? When it…

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