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More and more Indians are tuning into podcasts and more and more Indians are creating बनाना wonderful content विषय on podcasts in India. Topics range from romance प्रेम लीला, to Bollywood, current events वर्तमान घटनाएं, and stories of real people from India.

Current Events and Culture

The first podcast I chose चुना to listen to is Namastey India. The cover art on the podcast website is awesome बहुत बढ़िया. A picture of an elephant हाथी with great graphics and an amazing font in English but with the Devanagari script design.

This podcast is hosted स्वागत सरूकार करना by two guys, Anurag and Shivam, and is a series of conversations बात चिट in Hindi and a spattering of English. This language is typically आम तौर पर the standard spoken Hindi in English with a mixture of English. Even the description विवरण is written in Roman script with a mixture of Hindi and English words. The podcast conversation ranges from movie reviews, tech reviews, news from Europe and America, health etc.  They are quite educational as well. In the latest episode they have issued जारी किया गया warnings about the misuse of Diwali crackers.  They have approximately लगभग 561 shows published and quite a following.

Another podcast that reveals the nuances बारीकियों of cultural thinking in India, is ‘What Would the Aunties Say?’ This podcast is hosted by Anchal. She just published a book also by the same name. The topics tackle the generational difference in thinking between millennials and their parents. Topics cover subjects such as, weight, jobs, the pressure दबाव of marriage, moving out of the parent’s home etc. Anchal interviews different people to get real life stories.

Choti si Kahani is a podcast narrated by RJ Peeyush. He tells urban stories in short 3-10 minute episodes. The topics titles are catchy. For example, Ek Cup Chai, 10 Rupiyee etc. He speaks in Hindustani mostly ज्यादा टार which is a mix of Hindi and Urdu words. However, he also uses some English words.


Thirdly, Pyaariyan – Kahaniyan Pyaar ki. This podcast is for the romantic at heart. It features stories about love, and romance. It is a collection of stories by V2 The Storytellers. The stories encourage प्रोत्साहित करना one to walk along on their journey.

Mysteries and Thriller Stories

Even though Bollywood is so popular, the Indian podcast market has boomed with mystery/thriller podcasts for those who are not faint of heart. Some of the more popular ones are: Bhaskar Bose, I hear you, Mafialand and Dosa King. Many BAFTA award nominees and winners are part of these podcasts, such as Guneet Monga and Ahaana Kumra, lending to its popularity लोकप्रियता.

Karma is a Witch is a 3d audio series in Hindi and Kannada. It combines, horror, suspense and nail-biting finishes in 8 episodes. The story is about a missing girl and the detective who embarks on a journey to find her.

While, Bhaskar Bose is a crime related podcast centred around a detective जासूसी by the same name, Bhaskar Bose.

Mafialand is a true crime podcast composed of stories about the workings of tiny mafias in the country and how they influence school admissions, parking lots and other parts of everyday life.

While, Dosa King is the story of the real life murder हत्या case of Saravana Bhavan involing a famed restaurateur.

Whatever the genre, there is a podcast in Hindi as Indians have discovered the ease of creating content that is entertaining and that can be published for people to listen to wherever they are.







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