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Cén stíl agus cén chuma? (What style and what appearance?) Posted by on Feb 28, 2014

(le Róislín) B’fhéidir gurb í seo ceann de na fuinneoga is clúití i stair ealaíne.  An aithníonn tú í?  Bhí sí sa phictiúr a bhí sa bhlag is déanaí (  Cén stíl í? Perhaps this is one of the most famous windows in the history of art.  Do you recognize it?  It was in the…

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Cad a dhéanfaidh tú ar an deireadh seachtaine seo? (What are you doing this weekend?) Posted by on Feb 25, 2014

(le Róislín) A couple of months ago we posed this question on the Transparent Language Irish Blog: Cad a dhéanfaidh tú ar an deireadh seachtaine seo? (What are you doing this weekend?) Let’s look at some possible answers.  How many can you translate? 1. Rachaidh mé ag siopadóireacht. [… egg SHOP-uh-dohrzh-ukht] 2. Rachaidh mé…

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Droichead na Cónaidhme nó ‘Réise na mBeann Glas’ (Mar a Dúradh) Posted by on Feb 22, 2014

(le Róislín) I couldn’t resist spending a little more time with bridges (droichid) since Canada’s Confederation Bridge has such a clever nickname, as bestowed by …, hmm, which Irish person?  (freagra thíos). Just a quick review of the phrase “Droichead na Cónaidhme,” before we get to the nickname: droichead [DRIH-hud], bridge na [nuh], here it…

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Speaking of ‘Droichid’ (From Ha’penny to $45) Posted by on Feb 18, 2014

(le Róislín) Ó Dhroichead na Leathphingine i mBaile Átha Cliath go ceann de na droichid is daoire ar domhan sa lá atá inniu ann!  Is iad “droichid” ábhar ár mblag inniu.  An bhfuil a fhios agat cad é an droichead dola daor atá i gceist agam? But before we get down to brass tacks and…

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An bhfuil do ghlas crochta crochta agat fós? Posted by on Feb 14, 2014

 (le Róislín) No, that’s not an overlooked duplication of words.  “Glas crochta” is a padlock (hmm, guess why that topic came up in today’s blog!) and “crochta” means “hung” or “hanging,” from the verb “croch” (hang). First let’s discuss the word “glas,” since it’s a triple homonym in Irish.  One “glas” means “green.”   A second…

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An Tuiseal Gairmeach sa Ghaeilge: Dealing with Nouns of Direct Address in Irish Posted by on Feb 11, 2014

(le Róislín) “A Shéamais!” “A Shinéad!” “A chuisle!” “A stór!” “A óinseach!” “A amadáin!”  What do all these Irish phrases have in common?  The vocative particle “a,” which has no exact equivalent in English.  In addition to being used with terms of endearment, as discussed in the most recent blog (nasc thíos), this particle is…

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Let Me Call You … Stóirín (Storeen) (Irish Terms of Endearment) Posted by on Feb 7, 2014

(le Róislín) Irish has many many terms of endearment.  It actually also has many pejorative terms for people, ach sin ábhar blag eile.  In this blog, given the season, we’ll look at various ways to say “darling,” “sweetheart,” and “love” in Irish.   Some of these have been covered in previous blogs around this time of…

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