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Béile Lá Altaithe i Meiriceá Posted by on Nov 9, 2011 in Irish Language

(le Róislín)

Speaking of “goile,” here are some sample foods you might find on the biachlár for a typical American Thanksgiving meal, and also the terms for the different courses in a meal, not quite from “anraith” to “cnónna,” but along those lines.  “Glasraí” has many possibilities and there are two choices for “an príomhchúrsa”, one of which is i bhfad níos traidisiúnta, the other is probably a cultural stretch, but might be found.  And, actually, the method of preparing the turkey mentioned here probably isn’t all that traditional, but it is gaining popular and is said to be “an-bhlasta.”  Freagraí thíos.

1)      greadóg           2) anraith        3) príomhchúrsa         4) glasraí         5) milseog

a)      bísc phuimcín, b) turcaí domhainfhriochta, c) ionaim, d) manglam cloicheán, e) gearg ghlónraithe bhúistithe, f) cairéidí glónraithe le mil, g) prátaí milse, h) prátaí rósta, i) casaról pónairí glasa, j) brúitín, k) pióg úll agus sabhdánach

Má itheann tú béile speisialta do Lá Altaithe (i.e. an mhórchuid de dhaoine i Meiriceá), cad a íosfaidh tú?  Aon chineál bia nach bhfuil luaite thuas?  There are plenty of other possible foods with a Thanksgiving or Harvest theme, including one for which I’ve never found an Irish equivalent – succotash (!) — even after having looked into it for two previous blogs ( and

On that tasty note, please feel to write in and let us know what your favorite holiday foods are, in Irish, if you have it, and if not, as a possible topic for blag eile.  BTW, for readers who don’t celebrate Lá Altaithe, we could also get a head start on bia for a béile Nollag.  SGF, Róislín

Gluais: bísc [beeshk], bisque; brúitín, mashed potatoes; búistithe / bhúistithe [BOOSH-tih-huh, WOOSH-tih-huh], stuffed; cloicheán, prawn (large shrimp); cnó, nut (edible type!); domhainfhriochta [DOW-in-RIKH-tuh, note the silent “f”], deep-fried; gearg [GyAR-ug], quail; goile, appetite, stomach; greadóg, appetizer; ionam, yam; luaite, mentioned; milseog [MIL-shohg], dessert (“pudding” even when not, strictly speaking, a “pudding” – when is a pudding not a pudding?  Ah, but that’s ábhar blag eile); pónaire, bean; sabhdánach [SOW-dawn-ukh, that’s “sow” as in “how” or “cow,” not as in “sowing” seeds], sultana (raisin)


1d) greadóg: manglam cloicheán

2a) anraith: bísc phuimcín

3b, e) príomhchúrsa: turcaí domhainfhriochta, gearg ghlónraithe bhúistithe

4c, f, g, h, i, j) glasraí: ionaim, cairéidí glónraithe le mil, prátaí milse, prátaí rósta, casaról pónairí glasa, brúitín

5k) milseog: pióg úll agus sabhdánach

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