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Teangacha Eile: Catalóinis, Gaeilge na hAlban, Volaifis, Amtorais, srl. Posted by on Aug 19, 2009 in Irish Language

Nóta (8/19/09 7:09 ET) I just replaced the middle section of this text since the parts originally in columns didn’t turn out as I expected.  I hope this layout is more soléite

Since there are between cúig mhíle agus sé mhíle teanga in the world, we could keep this thread going ar feadh i bhfad (for a long time).  But let’s just pick a few more well-known ones, and maybe a few less commonly taught.  Of course, if anyone wants to write in and suggest a few more, ceart go leor by me.  I’m not sure if the teangacha eachtardhomhanda, like Tliongáinis or the far less well documented Amtorais (ón phlainéad Amtor / Véineas) have ever been included in the 5 to 6K count, but with a lamháil earráide of míle, I guess it doesn’t really matter that much. 

Here are more ceisteanna samplacha and some additional frásaí for the freagraí:

An bhfuil Fraincis agat?                                      

Tá, ach tá mo chuid Fraincise meirgeach.

An bhfuil Catalóinis agat?                                  

Tá, beagán.

An labhraíonn tú Sínis?                                       

Ní labhraím, ar an drochuair.

An labhraíonn Yu Ming Sínis sa scannán Yu Ming Is Ainm Dom?                   


Labhraíonn sé Sínis sa tSín ach labhraíonn sé Gaeilge in Éirinn.  Síleann cúpla duine go bhfuil sé ag labhairt Sínise nuair atá sé ag labhairt Gaeilge! 

An bhfuil Gaeilge na hAlban agat?                   


Cén teangacha a labhraítear sa scannán Ag Damhsa le Faolchúnna?                          

Labhraítear Sioux agus Pawnee, agus ar ndóigh, Béarla.

An labhraíonn tú Astacais?                                

Ní labhraím. 

An bhfuil Volaifis agat?                                       

Níl, ach tá sí ag cuid mhór ceoltóirí ón tSeineagáil, mar shampla Youssou N’Dour agus Thione Seck, gan a bheith ag trácht ar trí mhilliún, cúig chéad míle cainteoir eile.

An bhfuil Íogbóis agat?                                       

Níl, ach tá sí ag idir trí mhilliún déag agus ocht milliún déag cainteoir, Chinua Achebe (údar Things Fall Apart) ina measc.

An labhraíonn C-3PO Amtorais?           

Is dócha.  Sílim go bhfuil gach teanga ag C-3PO, níos mó ná sé mhilliún modh cumarsáide, pé scéal é.  

Fuaimniú & ciall: i bhfad [ih wahd]; eachtardhomhanda *[AKH-tur-γOH-un-duh]; lamháil [LAWV-aw-il] margin; meirgeach [MERzh-ig-yukh] rusty, and yes, that idiom is used i nGaeilge as well; ar an drochuair, unfortunately; labhraíonn [LOW-ree-un], labhairt [LOW-irtch]; labhraítear [LOW-ree-tcher] are spoken; gan a bheith ag trácht ar, not to mention; C-3PO, an uimhir 3 mar “uh trzhee” i nGaeilge, instead of the normal “three” as in English “threepio”; cumarsáid, communication. 

*By the way, the gamma symbol γ is used here to represent a sound for which there is no equivalent letter in the Roman alphabet.  It’s the “voiced” counterpart of the broad Irish “ch” sound, as in “teach” or “chomh,” which is “voiceless.”  The latter sound may be more familiar, from a European perspective, since it’s also in German, Welsh, and some Scottish English, as well as other languages. 













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