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Idiomatic Expressions With The Italian Verb Fare – Part 1 Posted by on Mar 14, 2016

Last week I published a post showing that the verb avere has many idiomatic meanings apart from the standard translation of ‘to have’. If you haven’t already read it, you can find it here. Today we’ll take a look at the verb fare … which, as we all know, means ‘to make’ or ‘to do’…

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Idiomatic Expressions With The Italian Verb Avere Posted by on Mar 11, 2016

Avere means ‘to have’ … simple, right? Well, unfortunately not! You’ll frequently find the Italian verb for ‘to have’ (avere) used where we would use ‘to be’ (essere) in English, e.g. ‘I am thirsty’ translates as ‘ho sete’ (literally: I have thirst), and ‘they are right’ translates as ‘hanno ragione’ (literally: they have reason) Here’s a list of the…

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An Inspiring Italian Teacher Posted by on Mar 8, 2016

Oggi, 8 marzo, è la Festa della Donna e voglio dedicarlo ad una donna speciale per me. Non la mamma, che ovviamente è sempre la donna più speciale, ma una maestra. Eravamo a Bengasi dove, dopo la rivoluzione del 1969 che aveva portato al regime Gheddafi, il Console italiano aveva concesso alcune stanze del consolato…

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Gigantic Octopus Saves Italian Village Posted by on Mar 7, 2016

Given its ancient and varied history it almost goes without saying that the Italian Peninsula abounds in fascinating myths and legends. We unknowingly stumbled upon one of these a few years back whilst exploring what has since become our favourite location on the nearby Ligurian coast, the picturesque, but isolated village of Tellaro and its…

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How to say Any in Italian Posted by on Mar 4, 2016

We recently received this request from one of our readers: “Trovo il vostro blog molto utile. Ho tanta difficoltà con la parola inglese ‘any’. Potete scrivere un blog su come si dice ‘any’ in italiano? Grazie mille!” In fact, the use of the indefinite adjective ‘any’ is a very complicated subject both in Italian and…

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Chi Sono Io? – A Quiz Posted by on Mar 2, 2016

Who Am I? Comincio il mio viaggio in Piemonte a Crissolo (provincia di Cuneo), sulle Alpi Cozie. Il mio percorso è tortuoso all’inizio, regolare e lineare vicino alla fine. Il mio viaggio è lungo 652 Km. Attraverso le regioni di Piemonte, Lombardia, Emilia-Romagna e Veneto. Nel mio corso in pianura mi divido spesso. Sulle mie…

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