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Italian Wordle game: PAROLE Posted by on Jan 27, 2022

Ciao a tutti! You may have already heard the hype around the new addictive word game called Wordle. This simple daily game challenges you to guess a word in six tries, and it lets you know if a letter is in the word or not, and whether it is in the right place. The word…

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Daily Routine Posted by on Jan 21, 2022

Ciao a tutti!  Today I wanted to share some reading practice around daily routine. As you may know, a lot of daily routine verbs are reflexive, and therefore need to include a reflexive pronoun when conjugating them. The pronomi riflessivi (reflexive pronouns) are: mi (myself) ti (yourself singular informal) si (himself/herself/yourself singular formal) ci (ourselves)…

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Fa freddo! Posted by on Jan 14, 2022

Ciao a tutti! Fa freddo da me (It’s cold where I am), although not as cold as where I am originally from since I’ve been checking and comparing the weather to my hometown this past week. But all the same, c’è un’ondata di freddo (there’s a cold spell) where I am now and presumably for…

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Giornata Nazionale della Bandiera – National Flag Day of Italy Posted by on Jan 7, 2022

Ciao a tutti! Today is Tricolor Day (Festa del Tricolore) or officially National Flag Day (Giornata Nazionale della Bandiera) in Italy! It’s been celebrated since 1996, and the official celebration of the day is held in Reggio Emilia, the city where the Italian tricolor was first adopted by an Italian sovereign state with Napoleon Bonaparte’s backing, the…

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