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Fa freddo! Posted by on Jan 14, 2022 in Vocabulary

Ciao a tutti!

Fa freddo da me (It’s cold where I am), although not as cold as where I am originally from since I’ve been checking and comparing the weather to my hometown this past week. But all the same, c’è un’ondata di freddo (there’s a cold spell) where I am now and presumably for a lot of you as well. So let’s share some ways to talk about this winter weather that so many of us are experiencing.

Photo from Pixabay, CCO.


Fa freddo – It’s cold

Fa freddissimo – It’s really cold

È gelido – It’s freezing

È ghiacciato – It’s frosty

Fa un freddo pungente – It’s bitterly cold

Ho la pelle d’oca – I have goose bumps

C’è un’ondata di freddo – There’s a a cold spell

Sto congelando – I am freezing cold

Nevica / C’è la neve – It’s snowing


Oggi fa un freddo cane – Today it’s dog cold – It’s extremely cold

C’è un freddo da morire!* There is a cold to die for – It’s extremely cold

Si muore di freddo – One dies from the cold weather – It’s extremely cold

Che freddo, ho i brividi – What cold, I have the shivers!

Piove sempre sul bagnato. – It always rains on the wet ground – It never rains, but it pours

Piove a catinelle – It’s raining buckets – It’s raining cats and dogs

Tempo da lupi – wolf weather – bad weather

This rhyme predicts the weather depending upon the color of the sky at night or morning…

Rosso di sera, bel tempo si spera – Red at night, good weather one hopes

Rosso di mattina, il mal tempo si avvicina – Red in the morning, bad weather is getting near

And lastly…

Piove, governo ladro! – It rains, blame the government!

This popular exclamation is just an ironic way to blame the government for everything. 😁


La temperatura – temperature

La temperatura in Italia è espressa con la scala Celsius. The temperature in Italy is expressed with the Celsius scale.

Some conversions for temperature:

  • 0 degrees Celsius is equal to 32 degrees Fahrenheit. (The freezing point)
  • 32 degrees Celsius is 90 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 24 degrees Celsius is 75 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 10 degrees Celsius is 50 degrees Fahrenheit
  • To convert Celsius (c) to Fahrenheit, use the formula (c x 1.8) + 32


Allora – c’è un freddo da morire da voi? So, is there a freezing cold where you’re at?

*you can use the expression da morire in other instances as well – ho fame da morire! (I’m extremely hungry) È noiso da morire! (It’s extremely boring)

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    grazie mille per i tuoi interessanti BLOGS. Io sono nata in Calabria pero adesso vivo nel N,J, Qui oggi fa un freddo cane e forse nevichera.’ Sendo calabrese sento la mancanza del sole e del calduccio
    Buon di’

  2. Patricia Egner:

    Fa freddo da me (New Jersey)
    Buon anno a tutti

  3. geronimo vicente:

    Io sono braziliano. Qui fa caldo. É state.fa 35 graus

  4. Alex:

    Ho trovato questa idioma mentre sto imparando le tue: “Cielo a pecorelle, acqua a catinelle.”
    Sheeps in sky, water in buckets.
    (Do sheep pee a lot?)
    A mackerel sky, is never long dry.
    (What, fish in the sky?)
    Red sky at night, sailors take flight.
    (Maybe the best choice.)

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