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Cute Korean Children’s Song Posted by on Aug 31, 2011 in Culture, Korean Language

There is a popular Korean children’s song that describes some of the features and shapes of faces by using various fruits and vegetables. If you look at the song, the song uses the example of a 호박 (hobak) or squash to describe a characteristic of a face. Generally when someone’s face is said to look like squash, it’s an insult. That’s because Korean people view the flowers of the squash as ugly when compared to the flowers of other vegetables. Korean children’s songs are great tools to learn about Korean culture and attitudes. Take a listen to the song, it has a nice tune!


사과같은 얼굴 (sagwagatteun ne uhlgool)

An apple-like face like mine

예쁘기도 하구나 (yebbugido hagoona)

How pretty it is

눈도 반짝 코도 반짝 (noondo banjjak kkodo banjjak)

Eyes sparkle and nose sparkle

입도 반짝 반짝 (ipdo banjak banjjak)

Lips sparkle sparkle

( 반짝~) (nan banjjak)

I sparkle~

오이같은 얼굴
(ohigatteun ne uhgool)

A cucumber-like face like mine

길기도 하구나 (gilgido hagoona)

How long it is

눈도 길쭉 귀도 길쭉
(noondo giljjook gwido giljjook)

Eyes long and nose long

코도 길쭉 길쭉 (kkodo giljjook giljjook)

Nose is long long as well

( ~~) (nan gil~~gook)

I’m long~~

호박같은 얼굴
(hobakgatteun ne uhlgool)

A squash-like face like mine

우습기도 하구나 (ooseupgido hagoona)

How laughable it is

눈도 둥글 귀도 둥글 (noondo donggeul gwido donggeul)

Eyes round and ears round

입도 둥글 둥글 (ipdo donggeul donggeul)

Lips are round round as well

(~ 둥글 둥글) (nan~donggeul donggeul)

I’m round, round

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  1. patricia:

    can I ask what is this song? i just know this line “noonaya niga jinjja…..” it’s a cute song tho but i can’t find it hahahhaha, perhaps do you know what song is it ??? 🙂