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Today, you are going to learn how to say “Almost” in Korean. There are two ways to say it in Korean, but today you will learn the first one “거의/geo ui”; this means that something almost be finish, be ready, or be anything. Use 거의/geo ui as a adverb.  Please read examples below to learn how you can use it.

1. I am almost an American.  저는 거의 미국 사람입니다/ jeo nun geo ui mi kook sa lam im ni da. (person is 사람)

2. It is almost the same.  거의 같아요/ geo ui gat a yo.  (The same is 같다)

3. I almost finished all of my work. 일을 거의 다 끝냈어요/ il eul geo ui da ggood nae sseo yo. (To finish is 끝내다 – intransitive)

4. I almost ate all of the food.  저는 음식을 거의 다 먹었어요/ jeo nun eum sic eul geo ui da meoc eoc eo yo.  (To eat is 먹다)

5. It is almost time for the last train.  막차 시간이 거의 다 됐어요/ mac cha si gan e geo ui da daec seo yo (Time is 시간)



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About the Author: Soo

Soo came to America in 2002 for studying English and getting degrees in higher education. He’d never expected to work in America after he finished his college, but he got a great job in construction and had worked with them for three years. He also has working as a FT and PT Korean instructor and tutor for seven years in Korean and America. He got his TESOL certificate in 2011 and finished his master’s degree in 2014.


  1. Ricky:

    저는 거의 한국어 말해요.

    • Soo:

      @Ricky Add 로. 저는 거의 한국어로 말해요 is good. 로 means “by”: “I speak in Korean almost (all the time)”.