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Today, you are going to learn how to say “Because (so)” in Korean, you may learned “으니까” before. However, today you will learn “테니까/ tae ni gga” which is the similar meaning of 으니까/ eu ni gga.  테니까 is usually for intermediate level, so today is your challenge to learn 테니까.  The grammar point is “ㄹ/을 테니까” using as a near future tense.  Please read examples below.

I will buy 2, so give me a little discount.  2개 살 테니까, 좀 깎아주세요. (To discount is 깎다)

(Because) I will get up soon, just wait a bit.  금방 일어날 테니까, 조금만 더 기다려.  (To get up is 일어나다)

I’ll clear the table, so you wash the dishes.  내가 식탁을 치울테니까, 넌 설거지를 해.  (Dish-washing is 설거지)

As you read the examples above, you may can see the context just like “I will do this, so you do this”; so they are all conditional sentences. I try to say that you can use 테니까 in that contexts.  Read more examples below.

(Because) I am going to do it again, watch!   다시 할테니까, 잘 봐!  (To do is 하다)

(Because) you will soon have your operation over, don’t worry.  수술이 곧 끝날테니까, 걱정마라 (To be over/done is 끝나다)




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  1. 달리아:

    -서 also can be used as “Because”
    1.너무 늦어서 미안해요.
    2. 난 빠바서 시건이 없다.