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Learn Korean “Already” Posted by on Feb 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

“Already” is high frequency when you speak or listen to Korean, and there are two ways to say already in Korean “벌써/beol sseo and 이미/e mi”. Both of them are adverb and have the same meaning. However, when you use 벌써, it includes connotation of surprise. For instance, you have an appointment at 10 in the morning but you get up at 9:30am, so it is already late and you surprise the time you wake up and worry about your appointment. For that time, you can say “It is already 9:30!/벌써 아홉 시 반이야!/beol sseo a hop ssi ban e ya!” 이미 is just regular way to say already. For instance, when you want to say, “I already met her”, you can use the regular adverb 이미 “이미 그녀를 만났어요/e mi gu nyeo lul man na sseo yo.”

You can say both in a sentence, but it will be just little different meaning as I explained the above: “이미 or 벌써 친구가 저의 집에 왔어요/chin gu ga jeo ae jib ae what eo yo/ my friend already came me my home.” In this case, it will be just depending on what you want to say.


Please watch the video below and listen how to pronounce. Let me know if you have any sentences you want to make by facebook message.

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