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Learn Korean “Also and Again” Posted by on Feb 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

“Also” is very high frequency Koreans use, so you have to be familiar to know how to use this. Also is 또한/ddo han or 도/do in Korean. 또한 it has another similar meaning of “in addition.” It is using as an adverb in a sentence and you can use it at the beginning of sentence or middle of sentence. For instance, “I also like you/나 또한 너를 좋아해요” “In addition, that’s wonderful/그것 또한 대단하다.” 도 is also “also”. However, when you use 도, it should be after a noun. For instance, I like a computer and also like a printer/컴퓨터와 프린터 좋다. As you see the 도 is right after the printer(noun), it never be in front of noun.


“Again” is also high frequency you need to learn when you study Korean language. Again is 다시/da si or 또/ddo in Korean

또 includes negative nuance. For instance, I am so sorry, I am late again/ 죄송합니다, 또 늦었습니다. If you are uncomfortable to use 또 which has negative connotation, you can use 다시. For instance, you can use 다시, “Shall we dance again?/ 우리 다시 춤 출까요?”


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