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Learn Korean Indirect Quotation #2 Posted by on Jul 22, 2015 in Uncategorized

Today, you will learn how to use second indirect quotation which is question/ask ‘냐고’ “V.S. + 냐고”. The best way to learn is reading lots of examples. For instance, he asked that I am a doctor/그는 제가 의사냐고 했어요/gu nun nae ga eui sa nya go haec eo yo. She asked that I am from D.C./ 그녀는 내가 디씨 출신이냐고 했어요/gu neo nun nae ga D.C. chul shin e nya go haec eo yo. Let’s make your own examples whatever you want to say and please read more examples below.

Jules: Is that Bob’s car? 저것이 밥의 차예요?

Steven: She asked if it is Bob’s car. (그녀는 or 줄스는) 저것이 밥의 차냐고 했어요.


Steven: Is the computer black color? 그 컴퓨터가 까만 색이에요?

Amy: He asked if the computer is black color. (그는 or 스티븐은) 그 컴퓨터가 까만 색이냐고 했어요.


Juliana: Is it church building?  그 빌딩이 교회예요?

Kathy: She asked if that building is a church. (그녀는 or 줄리아나는) 그 빌딩이 교회냐고 했어요.

To ask is 물어봤어요, but you can still use 했어요 in Korean.


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About the Author: Soo

Soo came to America in 2002 for studying English and getting degrees in higher education. He’d never expected to work in America after he finished his college, but he got a great job in construction and had worked with them for three years. He also has working as a FT and PT Korean instructor and tutor for seven years in Korean and America. He got his TESOL certificate in 2011 and finished his master’s degree in 2014.