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Learn Korean Indirect Quotation #3 Posted by on Jul 29, 2015 in Uncategorized

You will learn 3rd indirect quotation which is “자고” suggestion. This is also useful and common phrase you need to know. The grammar point is “v.s. + 자고+(verb)”. Let’s read some example to understand: Susan said, “Let’s meet tomorrow morning/수잔이 내일 만나자고 했어요/susane nae il man na ja go hae sseo yo.” So, the 만나다/to meet + 자고 become 만나자고.

To eat              먹다 – 먹자고

To sleep           자다 – 자자고

To see              보다 – 보자고

To wear           입다 – 입자고

To listen          듣자 – 듣자고

To drive          운전하다 – 운전하자고

To play            놀다 – 놀자고

To go               가자 – 가자고

Is it clear to see how to change it? Now, it is your time to make another one and read sentence long examples below using the examples above.

Bob said, “Let’s eat lobster for dinner”/ 밥이 저녁에 랍스타 먹자고 했어요.

Mom said, “Let’s go to the store”/엄마가 가게에 가자고 했어요.

Can you make your own now? Please watch the video below for more information.

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