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There are a few way to say “To and From” in Korean. Let’s learn “To” first, there are three ways to say “To” in Korean: 한테/han tae, 에게/ae gae, 께/ggae. 한테 is casual form and you will hear a lot when Korean speak. So, it is speaking form. 에게 is formal and you will see in writing. 께 is honorific form. Please read examples below.

Please give it to me/ 그거 나한테 주세요 or 그거 나에게 주세요. When you want to say this, 나한테 is common to say as I said. You need to memorize 한테 for speaking and listening.

I gave it to my teacher. 그거 선생님께 드렸어요 or 그거 선생님한테 드렸어요 or 그거 선생님에게 드렸어요. As you know, Korean use honorific when they speak to older or strangers, so in this case 께 is most common.

She is so important to me. 그녀는 나에게 아주 중요하다/ gue nyeo nun na ae gae joong yo ha da. As I mentioned, 에게 is writing form usually, but it is possible to hear that in Korea.


Please watch the video below, and we will go through “From” next week. I hope you can master “To” in this week.

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