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There are two common ways to say “not” in Korean: 안 and 지 않다. Both of them have the same meaning. Let’s study how to use them.

First, when you use 안/AN, you need to add verb after 안 “안+verb.” For instance, 밥 안 먹어요/bab an meok yeo yo/ I am not eating a meal. So, it is 안 + 먹다 verb. 지금 안 자요/ji keum an ja yo/ I am not sleeping now. 지금 안 배고파요/ ji keum an bae go pa yo/I am not hungry now.

Second, when you use 지 않다/ji an da, you need to use it after verb “V +지 않다.” For instance, 밥 먹지 않아요/ bab meok ji an a yo/ I am eating a meal. 지금 배고프지 않아요/ji keum bae go pu ji an a yo/ I am not hungry now. 지금 자지 않아요/ji keum ja ji an a yo/ I am sleeping now.

Please watch the video below: it says about sino and pure Korean, you don’t have to watch the part because it is not real helpful for you.

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