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National Parks in South Korea Posted by on May 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

If you love the outdoors, you’ll enjoy the beautiful scenery at Songni Mountain National Park (속리산국립공원). The Songni Mountain National Park is named after the Songni Mountain (속리산), which is a popular hiking spot for outdoor lovers. Many protected species of fish and birds can be found at Songni Mountain Park, so bring your camera. You never know what animal you’ll see! Cross your fingers for the flying squirrel.

Juwang Mountain National Park (주왕산국립공원) is named after Juwang Moutain, which means “mountain of King Ju”. Juwang Mountain National Park is located in North Gyeongsang Province (경상북도). A popular attraction in Juwang Mountain National Park is the Dalgi Waterfall. Visitors also come for the many flower species of this Park. Some of these species, like the Nodding Lily, are endangered, but park officials are making efforts to preserve these species for future generations

The Gyeryong Mountain National Park (계룡산국립공원) means “rooster dragon”. Apparently the mountain ridge looks like a dragon wearing a crown shaped into that of a rooster. It’s believed that this unusual shape gives Gyeryong Mountain a divine status. That’s why visitors come to this National Park all year round for the religious services that take place on the Mountain. The Gyeryong Moutain National Park is also famous for its pine and birch trees, which are home to many animal species.

Deogyu Mountain National Park (덕유산국립공원) shares a part of North Jeolla Province (전북도) and a part of South Gyeongsang Province (경남도). Deogyu Mountain is the fourth highest mountain in South Korea and is the center of the mountain range that spans from North Jeolla Province to South Gyeongsang Province. Deogyu Mountain National Park is hailed as having one of the most diverse insect species in Korea. This National Park is a great place for insect enthusiasts!

Bukhan Mountain National Park (북한산국립공원) receives many visitors every year. It’s such a popular national park that some months of the year are closed to the public. This is done to protect some of the wildlife in the area. Bukhan Mountain National Park is located in Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. The name ‘Bukhan’ means “mountains north of the Han River”. It’s unusual for a Korean national park to be within a city but somehow this National Park continues to thrive, despite being next to an urban area.


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    It is beautiful landscapes all around S.Korea which I rember as growing up in country, all the lands are also so well utilized and natually,