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Korean Butterfly Song Posted by on May 12, 2011 in Culture

There’s a very famous children’s song about butterflies that probably almost every Korean child knows. Here’s the video of the song with the lyrics below. For those of you who don’t know how to read Hangul yet, the pronunciation is in parentheses. The meanings are in brackets.

나비야 나비야 (nabiya nabiya)

[Hey butterfly, Hey butterfly]

이리 날아 오너라 (iri nara onuhra)

[come fly over here]

노랑 나비, 흰 나비 (norang nabi huin nabi)

[yellow butterfly white butterfly]

춤을 추며 오너라 (choomul choomyuh onuhra)

[Dance while you come]

봄바람에 꽃잎도 (bombarameh ggotipdo)

[in the spring wind the flower petals as well]

방긋방긋 웃으며 (banggutbangut ootumyuh)

[smiling, smiling while laughing]

참새도 짹짹짹 (chamsedo jjekjjekjjek)

[the sparrows also chirp chirp chirp]

노래하며 춤춘다 (norehamyuh choomchoonda)

[singing as they dance]



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