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The Olympic Games in Ancient Rome Posted by on Feb 26, 2014

With the close of the modern Olympic Games in Sochi, let us take a look at their beginnings. The Olympic Games began in Ancient Greece in honor to the supreme god Zeus. The game was one of four PanHellenic festivals held in Greece. The three other games which were the Nemean (like the lion), Isthmian, and Pythic…

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Gerunds vs. Gerundives Posted by on Feb 20, 2014

Have you long struggled with knowing the exact forms and uses of the Latin Gerund or Gerundive? Well, this post was created in order to aid you in all your questions about forms, translations, and grammatical uses. HELPFUL PRINTOUTS If you are studying Latin, I would recommend the following site for your references (the image…

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Lupercalia: The Ancient Roman Love Holiday Before Valentine’s Day Posted by on Feb 11, 2014

Lupercalia is an ancient fertility Roman festival that was held February 13-15. The festival was held to both promote fertility along with purging the city of evil and illness. Although it was an ancient festival; it was celebrated for many centuries. In Roman mythology, Lupercus is a god sometimes identified Faunus (equivalent to Greek god: Pan). Lupercus…

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You Want to Learn Latin: Keep Calm and Read On! Posted by on Feb 5, 2014

So you want to learn Latin? Or, are you already learning Latin? So, let’s look at a sentence: Sed debebatur, ut opinor, fatis tantae origo urbis maximique secundum deorum opes imperii principium. (Livy 1.4) So is your initial reaction is to panic, run for hills, and give up? Well, Don’t! Five Tips that will save you…

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