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The Murmillo was a type of gladiator who wore a distinctive helmet in the shape of a fish. The murmillo usually wore a subligāculum (loincloth), cintus (belt), scūtum (shield), and a gladius (sword)


The Scissor was a gladiator with a semi-circular blade that covered his arm. The blades were jagged, sharp and made from steel. The steel arm could block blows and use the blade to charge towards the opponent. The Scissor most likely wore a manica (arm guard) and a galērus (shoulder guard) underneath his clothing.

The Retiatrius was a gladiator who fought with a rēte (net), tridēns (trident), and pugiō (dagger). The net was used to trap the opponent. Once the opponent was trapped, the retiatrius would kill the opponent with a trident. The net was useful because it could be used to trap the enemy at a distance. Likewise, the trident was long and could injure the opponent without having to fight close range. If the retiatrius missed his aim with the trident, the dagger was used as a secondary weapon.


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