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The Aeneid was part of the standard curriculum for ancient Roman patrician boys during the later part of Augustus’s reign. It’s comforting to know that some Latin students are still studying the Aeneid.

While this video won’t be the contender for the Golden Globes, the actors stick to the script and yet there are funny moments in the reenactment that prevent your from falling asleep to The Aeneid. I give an A+ to the musical soundtrack and the creativity of this video. 

I give a thumbs up to this video for using actual Latin in the intro to the video. The video depicts Book 2 of The Aeneid. It’s also creative, funny, and has a good musical score.

Kudos to all the students who reenacted in a scene from the Aeneid! I enjoyed watching all the different approaches to making The Aeneid funny, yet consistent to the story. See, Latin literature doesn’t always have to be boring!

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