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Today we will list some online resources where you can find funny uses of Latin language. (Click on the titles to see the web sites).

1. Fun Latin

In this site you will find funny Latin sentences (and their translation to English) to use in any daily situation. It is very useful if you did not do your Latin homework. In this site you will learn how to say “my dog ate it” and other extremely useful excuses.

Insults are also a very importan vocabulary feature in any alive language. We are used to learn Latin as an academic language, with cult vocabulary and very few colloquial expressions. But who said that ancient Romans did not swear and insult? From now on your anger moments will be much more sophisticated 😉

If you scroll down the web page, you will find many other sentences suitable in hundreds of different contexts.


2. Latin for laughs

In this site you will find some funny sentences, jokes and references to humour books (all of them in Latin or about Latin language).


3. Some videos

Here some random videos with Latin bad words, funny sentences, etc. Check them out!

ps: in some cases there are spelling errors, but videos were not made by us, so we can not fix them! Sorry! Suggest the author to correct them, that is what I did, and it can be a good exercise for you to try to find these mistakes 😉



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