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Aphrodite Venus Goddess of beauty and sexual desire (in Roman mythology also goddess of the fields and gardens)
Apollo Phoebus God of prophecy, medicine and archery (later Greco-Roman mythology: god of the Sun)
Ares Mars God of war
Artemis Diana Goddess of hunting (later Greco-Roman mythology: goddess of the Moon)
Asclepius Aesculapius God of medicine
Athena Minerva Goddess of arts and crafts, and war; helper of heroes (later Greco-Roman mythology: Goddess of Reason)
Chronos Saturn
God of heaven, ruler of the Titans (Roman mythology: god of agriculture)
Demeter Ceres Goddess of grain, harvest and soil fertility
Dionysus Bacchus God of wine and vegetation
Eros Cupid God of love
Gaia Terra Mother Earth
Hephaestus Vulcan God of fire, blacksmith of the gods
Hera Juno Goddess of marriage and fertility, protector of married women, pregnant women, she presided over the birth and watched over infants; wife of Jupiter, queen of the gods, mother of Mars, the moon goddess.
Hermes Mercury Messenger of the gods, protector of travelers, thieves and merchants
Hestia Vesta Guardian of hearth and home
Hypnos Somnus God of sleep
Hades Pluto God of the underworld, lord of the dead
Poseidon Neptune God of the sea and earthquakes
Rea Ops Wife of Chronos / Saturn, mother goddess
Uranus Caelus God of heaven, father of the Titans
Zeus Jupiter Ruler of the Olympian gods. It was the most important Roman deity. He is the god of heaven and light. He rules the atmospheric phenomena like lightning and rain. Protector of agriculture and farmers. He presided over the feast of the harvest. His attributes are the eagle, the scepter in one hand and a beam in the other hand. His temple on the Capitoline Hill in Rome was the religious center of the entire Roman Empire.


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  1. John Citron:

    I believe, if you check amongst various sources, that you will find “Apollo” is both the Greek and Roman name for this god. Pheobus, I believe, is an epithet used by both the Greek and Romans in referring to him as the god of light.

  2. The Kingdom Of God:


    I have gone through your blog “Roman Gods and Goddesses” this is such a good topic. I really enjoyed a lot and the blog is really very interesting.

  3. Alease Zaffino:

    Thank you, I have been searching for details about this subject for ages and yours is the best I have found so far.

  4. Sheila M Bergeron:

    I liked your article. I found it surprising that I had so many mixed up before reading it. Thank You !

    Can I ask if you know where Sagiterious the Archer I think. Is she only Astrilogical, or does she appear in Latin/Roman , Greek mythology?

    Thanks She


    Mythology and epics are the basic lessons that foster human civilization…..!!

  6. Wolfgang:

    Isn’t Morpheus the greek god of sleep? Not Hypnos? I might be mistaken… I am not that good at history and I wanted to give my brother flash cards for his test. But he keeps saying that Morpheus is the god of sleep.