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TV Shows that have Latin Posted by on Oct 2, 2014 in Latin Language

Salvete Omnes!

I hope everyone is enjoying their first taste of fall. In sunny sunny California, I am grateful for the cool down in the weather. But even more so, I am excited for the return of all my favorite shows! So this week I would like to take a moments and pay attention to some popular, unpopular, and even new series that use Latin.


1. Walking Dead

While the Walking Dead does not usually have Latin reference, the newest season introduces a place that is entirely Latin! Terminus is a new area that is introduced in the Walking Dead season 4. However, for anyone with any Latin experience- this name means something distinctly. “Terminus” means the end, the limit, the bouder; however, “the end” is the most common definition and it is quite open ended. Thus, it leads the audience who can deduct its meaning to either mean “the end” of their journey, their struggles or perhaps even in their own demise.

2. How to Get Away with Murder

How to Get Away with Murder follows in suit with other legal and law shows in their terminology and lingo like Law and Order, Boston Legal, etc.. Within this series, there is a moment within the professor’s course in which she discusses a case. Within this case, the terms “mens rea” (guilty mind) and “actus reus” (guilty act) are introduced. These legal terms are just two of countless ideas, ideologies, phrases, and words within the legal world that are in Latin.  For a complete listing of Latin legal term; check it out here.

3. Medical Dramas: Grey’s Anatomy, ER, Scrubs, House M.D etc.

These shows are full of medical terms that are in Latin and Greek. While, I do not have a video (and pictures are difficult for shows due to copyright infringement) I hope this list will assist in your understanding of Latin Medical Terms (here)

4. Occult Shows: Supernatural, Witches of East End, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, etc..

Latin tends to be the go-to choice for spells and incantations. Furthermore, it seems to be the language in which other worldly entities use as well to draw power. I am unsure why Latin gets the reputation for being so magical when clearly Egyptian or even Summerian magic would be far older and more potent. However, I won’t complain too much because it gets Latin out there!

5. Lost

While I have never watched Lost, I do know the show had many followers and fans (despite its ending).  The following clips of Latin are spoken and captioned as well as native speakers. I was quite surprised at the detail provided to actual conversational Latin.

6. Honorable Mentions

There were a few in which I wanted to mention, but could not find an exact phrase, quote, or tangible use of Latin for this blog. They are as follows: HBO’s Rome, HBO’s Deadwood, American Horror Story, I, Claudius, Big Bang Theory, Friends, and others.

I challenge you to find some clips or even quotes from your favorite show with references to Latin.


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