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Sing along, it’s jul! Posted by on Dec 24, 2015 in Holidays

When learning languages, it’s a really good idea to SING! If the melody is really nice, the words will just etch themselves into your brain! 🙂 Forget about rules of grammar, forget about rules of pronunciation, just take it easy and sing along!

Here are two norske julesanger (Norwegian Christmas songs or carols) for you two sing along. (If you want some more information about Christmas songs in Norway, please read this post by Kari.)

A note about religion: Jul is a kristen høytid (Christian feast) in Norway, celebrating the birth of Jesus. But it is also an old Viking feast, celebrating the birth of the Light. So, even Norwegians who are not very Christian (usually!) take part in jula, decorating their homes with nisser etc. Since Transparent Language is not about preaching, I’ve included one Christian Xmas song and one not-so-Christian one. 🙂

God jul!

Nå tennes tusen julelys Now thousand christmas candles are being lit
Nå tennes tusen julelys
på jorden mørk og kald
og tusen, tusen stråler og
i himlens høye hall.

Og over by og land i kveld
går julens glade bud
at født er Herren Jesus Krist,
vår Frelser og vår Gud.

Du stjerne over Betlehem,
å, la ditt milde skinn
få lyse inn med håp og fred
til hvert bedrøvet sinn.

I hvert et hjerte kaldt og mørkt
send du en stråle blid,
en stråle av Guds kjærlighet
i signet juletid.

Now thousand christmas candles are being lit
on Earth, dark and cold
and thousand, thousand are shining too
in Heaven’s high hall.

And throughout town and countryside tonight
Chrismas’ joyful message is running
that the Lord Jesus Christ is born
our Saviour and our God.

You Star above Betlehem,
oh, let your gentle light
shine through with hope and peace
to each sad mind.

In every heart cold and dark
send you a gentle ray,
a ray of God’s love
in the blessed Christmas time.

På låven sitter nissen In the barn the Nisse is sitting
På låven sitter nissen med sin julegrøt,
så god og søt,
så god og søt.
Han nikker, og han spiser,
og han er så glad,
for julegrøten vil han gjerne ha.

Men rundt omkring står alle de små rotter,
og de skotter,
og de skotter.
De vil så gjerne ha litt julegodter,
og de danser, danser rundt i ring.

Men nissefar han truer med sin store skje
Nei, bare se,
og kom avsted.
For grøten min vil jeg få lov å ha i fred,
og ingen, ingen vil jeg dele med.

Men rottene de hopper, og de danser,
og de svinser, og de svanser.
De klorer etter grøten og de stanser,
og de står om nissen tett i ring.

Men nissen, ja han er en liten hissigpropp,
og med sin kropp,
han gjør et hopp.
Jeg henter katten hvis dere ikke holder opp
Når katten kommer, skal det nok bli stopp.

Da springer alle rottene så bange,
å, så bange, å, så bange,
og de vender seg og danser noen ganger,
og på en-to-tre så er de vekk.

In the barn the Nisse is sitting with his Christmas porridge,
so good and sweet,
so good and sweet.
He’s nodding, he’s eating,
and he is so happy,
since Christmas porridge he really wants.

But all around the small rats are standing,
and they’re glaring,
and they’re glaring.
They really want to have some Christmas candy,
and they’re dancing, dancing in a round.

But Nisse Dad he’s threatening them with his big spoon
No, just make sure
to get away.
Because my porridge I want to have for myself,
and with nobody, nobody I want to share.

But the rats are hopping, they’re dancing,
they’re flouncing, they’re ”flancing”.
They’re scratching for the porridge and they’re stopping
and they’re standing close around the Nisse in a round.

But the Nisse, yeah, he’s a little angry fellow,
and with hus body,
he’s making a jump.
I’m fetching the cat if you don’t stop.
When the cat’s coming, I’ll sure it’ll end.

Then all the rats are getting so scared,
oh, so scared, oh, so scared,
and they turn around and dance a few times,
and one-two-three they are gone.


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