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If you are like me and my family, then you love to visit art galleries and museums wherever you travel! These are always my favorite places to see when I travel.

Poland is home to countless museums, from grand structures encompassing a variety of themes to smaller museums that focus in depth on just one or two aspects of culture. There are so many great options that you could visit Poland several times and still not manage to see all of the museums that exist!

The Historical Museum of the City of Kraków provides a well-structured and interesting look at the development of the city over the years. One particular part of the museum that can’t be missed is the Underground Market Square Exhibition, which gives visitors a one-of-a-kind opportunity to look at life as it was a thousand years ago in Kraków thirteen feet under the ground. By combining modern technology with archaeological discoveries, you can walk down ancient streets and peruse ancient relics as you journey into the past. You can see how the topography of the square has changed over time. There are remnants of medieval settlements and buildings dating as far back as the 13th century. The original artifacts are presented alongside three-dimensional visualizations and realistic sounds that enable visitors to get a true taste of the old atmosphere.


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The Warsaw Uprising Museum contains interactive exhibits and multimedia presentations that are used to transport visitors to the events surrounding this famous historical event. Also in Warsaw is the Polish Army Museum, which takes a look at all aspects of the military during Poland’s long history. The world’s only Museum of Caricature is here as well as the Chopin Museum. You can enjoy the contrast of viewing modern art in a 17th century castle in the Center for Contemporary Art or view 3D photos of Old Warsaw at the Photoplasticon.


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The National Museum of Wrocław is home to an impressive display of Polish art that spans several centuries and includes medieval works. The large display of Silesian art and cultural artifacts are what set this museum apart from others. With more than 120,000 objects that run the gamut from paintings and drawings to wood and stone sculptures, you could easily spend a whole day here marveling at all the treasures.


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A visit to Auschwitz is a grim reminder of one of the most horrific periods of history. The former Nazi German concentration camp is now home to the biggest museum and exhibition about the Holocaust. Most Americans have read about the Holocaust but seeing the places where some of the most unspeakable crimes against humanity took place in person enables you to better understand the reality and gravity of what happened here not that long ago. The Wall of Executions display of clothes, shoes, and even the hair from those murdered in the camp is particularly powerful. Visiting the concentration camps and museums at Auschwitz is a very emotional experience that you will never forget. Unfortunately, it is one of these places you want to see, but once you do, you don’t want to go back…

Art has a special way of capturing moments in time and portraying events, scenes, and feelings in ways that people can relate to. Poland’s many art galleries are a rich resource of paintings, sculptures, and other art by Polish artists. Visitors should know that purchasing artwork that is past a certain age requires an export permit, which the gallery can usually assist with.


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  1. Jonathan:

    You mention the Museum of Caricature and write that it is the world’s only one.
    I tried to visit the museum earlier this week, when I was in Warsaw, but of course it being Monday the museum was closed. Still, even the many posters hanging outside were worth seeing.
    We do have a similar museum in Frankfurt, Germany, which is called Caricatura Museum. Currently the museum is showing work by Sebastian Krueger, who lives and works near Hanover, Germany and in California, USA.