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Shop till you drop in Poland Posted by on Jun 18, 2017 in Vocabulary

From large malls selling the latest fashion to small bakeries and crafts people directly retailing their lace to the public, this is an excellent land to find bargains and unique, handmade objects that will fit in your suitcase. Enjoy both aspects of Polish culture when hunting for things to buy like lace and beautifully carved amber jewelry.

What if you just like shopping for clothes? Poland has great designers and you can find some one of a kind, absolutely beautiful pieces of clothing.

Here is a list of useful phrases while shopping for clothes:

could I try this on? – czy mogę to przymierzyć?

could I try these shoes on? – czy mogę przymierzyć te buty?

what size are you? – jaki pan/pani ma rozmiar?

do you have a fitting room? – czy mają państwo przymierzalnię?

where’s the fitting room? – gdzie jest przymierzalnia?

have you got this in a smaller size? – czy ma pan to w mniejszym rozmiarze?

is that a good fit? –  czy to pasuje?

it’s much too small – jest dużo za mały

it’s a little too small – jest trochę za mały

it’s a little too big – jest trochę za duży

it’s much too big – jest znacznie za duży

it’s just right – jest w sam raz

it doesn’t fit – nie pasuje

do they feel comfortable? – czy są wygodne?

is this the only colour you’ve got? – czy to jest tylko w tym kolorze?

what are these made of? – z czego one są zrobione?

are these machine washable? – czy można je prać w pralce?

no, they have to be dry-cleaned – nie, trzeba je oddać do pralni chemicznej

I’ll take this – poproszę to

Happy shopping!


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