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Spectacular beaches in Poland Posted by on Aug 30, 2021 in Holidays, Nature, Places to visit, Sports, Travel & Geography

Summer is almost over, but there is still time for beach vacation! Plus, today is National Beach Day! Do you have favorite summer beach destination? There are so many beautiful beaches in Poland, some more popular than others, but all of them just spectacular.

The Polish coastline boasts white, long, sandy beaches. They have great names, water sports available almost everywhere and the sand is just soooo soft…Charming coastal towns have restaurants with delicious food trucks and restaurants and you will find so many uniques places that sell the famous amber souvenirs!

One of the most popular places on the coast is Plaża Świnoujście (Świnoujście Beach).

Świnoujście Beach. Image by skuter56 from Pixabay

The beach is almost 6 miles long, made of fine sand. Since wind (wiatr) and waves (fale) are often at the beach, activities such as kitesurfing are most attractive. The most recognizable landmark is a windmill (wiatrak) on a cape and if you want to explore the area, jump on a boat to nearby islands.

Mill Baltic Sea. Image by ivabalk from Pixabay


Another beautiful place is a Hel beach…Do you remember when I wrote about “going to Hel”??? You got it right! Although it is far away from actual hell, I would actual call it a slice of heaven!

Going to Hel!

The drive is just amazing, with peninsula stretching for a little over 20 miles. It is not that easy to get to Hel but the journey there is all part of the fun. You will find some great resorts along the way. Beach is just amazing, surrounded by small, overgrown dunes (wydmy) And how many of people you know have been to hell and back???

Hel Poland. Image by abstract-studio from Pixabay


I’m going to mention one more place: Kołobrzeg!

Kołobrzeg is one of those beach resorts that doesn’t have to rely solely on “beach tourists” (turyści plażowi). The town is also very well known as a spa resort and attracts many visitors from Europe. You will find many Spa Resorts you can stay at.

Apart from the beach, there are also many other things to explore as Kołobrzeg has quite a developed tourism infrastructure. There are some great bars and restaurants at the shore as well as a lighthouse to explore, statues to admire, and a pier (called  Promenada in Poland) to admire the views.

Kołobrzeg beach and lighthouse. Image by ivabalk from Pixabay

What is your favorite beach in Poland?

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    Looks absolutely beautiful! Another destination to add to my Poland Bucket List!!! 🌊